Want to build a power-assisted rickshaw bike

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by inglese66, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Welcome to the addiction!:jester:
    I hope you enjoy the ride!
  3. so you want to build a power assisted bike(rickshaw) that doesnt actually need an engine or electric motors. dont take this the wrong way my friends but that is what the pedals are for that are already fitted to the rickshaw.

    the only way to make this is with an engine power albeit gasoline or electric. as you have to take kids to school and then carry on to work some sort of propulsion the passengers give wont work.

    IMHO if it aint broke dont fix it.

    if a gas powered engine goes on it would be classed as a trike and would have to be lawed as one.
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    Very intriguing ideas. Just a thought.....how about the passenger part being a trailer with a 200 watt assist in one of the wheels. Batteries could be contained under the seat. When you drop the kids at school, chain it to the bike rack (it is their transportation) then ride the bike to work and back to pick them up. Just an idea.
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    That's a ****ed good idea, stan. I think it's a patentable idea as I have seen nothing like that, a self-powered trailer for passengers. Make the roof a solar panel and it would be ready to go when you pick-up the kids. Some kind of a screamer security system with an automatic shut-off that stops the alarm after an interval of non-movement... rickshaw with standard pushbike set-up.

    This appeals to me, I drove and ran taxi's for 14 years and have seen pedal cabs and horse drawn carrages come and go..

    Give's me something to think about, anyway.:thinking: = :idea: = :dunce:
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    It aint broke, but I am

    I'm not excluding the use of an electric motor. The problem is that 250 watts (that's the limit for Italian roads) doesn't seem much to help me up a hill with 3 kids and 2 school bags. But perhaps a combination of things...
    For example US PATENT 7,364,174 form a certain James Morris looks interesting - a magnetic motor axle for skateboards (but I guess you could size up to a trike) which would help increase the torque of the rotor assembly. I've also seen some flywheel protypes.
    Hey, if I didn't want to pedal at all, I'd get the Chrysler out of the garage! Just need a little help in my old age:whistling:
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    Interesting ideas - thanks! The roof part of the rickshaw doubling as a solar panel was already on my list.
    I will look into them and get back to you. By the way, take a look at this!