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    Looking for a cheap casual handlebar similar to those found on 50's/60's/70's style bikes, and similar to what may be found on some older "ladies" models ... not racer/road/MTB/BMX bars and not quite as wide as a beach cruiser. Looking to acheive a "board track racer" or "cafe racer" look so I will plan on installing it upside down ... planning to use on what might be considered a common or plain "Sears Free Spirit" rigid mountain bike that's about 10 years old - so I'm assuming I'm looking for a bar in a pretty standard size and will probably not be too interested in more modern bars with unique sizes - this is an assumption and I am not sure ... anyone have any advice ? anyone have what I need ? Or know where I should look ? Thanks ...

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    handlebar inquiry

    That is a mighty impressive bar and I think might be too nice for my project given that most of the parts are ebay and craislist sourced but thank you for the offer ... the effect I had in mind is best seen on the "Hot Shoe Racer" and the "Black Racer" models of "Spookytooth" (who admitedly makes some cool looking bikes at good prices) ... if anyone has this style of handlebar for cheap - let me know. Otherwise I'm really thinking of taking the more conventional approach and just buying one the normal retail way ... now if I dont find one that way - we'll need to chat again about doing a custom bent one - thank you again for your offer - will be in touch

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    Meer,the bars your looking for ,looks like Wald Cruiser#867 @ BIKE PARTS USA,louis
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    thanks so much for the recommendation - those look sharp ! I'll assume most cruiser/MTB bars (maybe not all, but most) will interchange without any problems ?
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    I'm a bit late here, but anyway-


    "Road" bike bars and stems are normally for a handlebar that is 1-inch diameter (or 26mm) in the center.

    MTB stems and bars have a 1-1/8" (one-and-one-eighth) center section.

    Both road and MTB bars normally taper off to 7/8" at the grips.

    BMX bars are 7/8" at the center section, and don't taper.
    Additionally with BMX stems, the part that fits into the steerer tube is a smaller diameter (21.1 mm) than 1" road bike stems (22.2 mm).

    Cruiser/vintage bars are normally 1-inch, like road bars, and use "road size" stems.... And the Wald bars I've seen (four or five different ones) have all been for 1-inch stems.


    You can get shims to use a "thinner" bar in a "fatter" stem, if you like a MTB-style stem but want to put road/cruiser bars in it. Many of the better MTB 1-1/8" stems will include the shims just in case you want to use a 1" bar in them.
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