Well I got pulled over again.... I am bummin...

Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by Simonator, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    The good news it was not in the area I live. I can "keep riding that thing". The bad news is that it was in a small town I used to live in. It was one of my favorite spots to cruise. He asked for my license and registration. I said all I have is an ID card. Then he went on about how how I need a drivers license, or a permit to ride it, and it has to be registered. I told him that I called Michigan secretary of state in Lansing, and was told that it is still classified as a bicycle. Therefor, it does not need to be registered. I made sure to be kind and give him my respect. Then he went back to his car, and grabbed his handy dandy book. He read to me the moped law. Based on what he read, he said it is definitely a moped, and it has to be registered. I didn't argue. I said I was just going by what the secretary of state told me, I don't know why they told me different. Then he let me go. he told me he doesn't want to see me riding it through that town again. He said He doesn't care if i ride it elsewhere. I am thinking it is just a matter of time before I am pulled over in my city and told I cant ride it :(

  2. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Unfortunately so cos that's the way it's heading........"just a matter of time"
  3. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    yes, it was the 70cc. The cop looked right at it and said he can tell its under 50cc. Those happy times look small :)
  4. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Maybe it's time to move!!
  5. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    I was just thinking the same thing!!!
  6. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Lot's of folks from Michigan down here in Texas working.
    We still have jobs !!!!!!
    at least for now anyways !!!!
    Lot's of skilled labor coming from your state. I guess do in part by the auto sititation.
  7. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    I have family in the fort worth area.
  8. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Thats funny,,, Thats where I live !!!
  9. skyl4rk

    skyl4rk Guest

    I talked to the Police Chief where I live. He said that the police can impound a vehicle that is not properly registered. He said that there was a guy with one of these racing lawnmowers riding around on a 5 lane road at 50mph. They impounded the lawnmower and it cost him well over $200 to get it out of impound because of the storage fees.

    I know the police look the other way in my town, they let a neighbor drive his old Cushman around even though its not licensed. They have not hassled me for any of the weird bikes that I have built and I ride past the station. I think the police are being tolerant in my town. Its a small town, though, so I know some of the police and have known the chief for years.

    When I read the law, any motor on a bike makes it a moped if it is under 50cc and a motorcycle if over 50cc. As soon as I get lights on my bike I am going to try to get it licensed as a moped. That is a lot cheaper than getting it out of impound. Even if you don't have a license, if you have a moped sticker on the back, you might not be hassled.
  10. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    In Michigan, I'm pretty sure you riding and MB's in general are not the worst problems to be dealt with.....:dunce::rolleyes7:
  11. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    Ahh, screw this state. It can suck my you know what. Worst state you can possibly live in. it is cold, stupid strict law's and no jobs!!! I really want to pack up my sh*t and get the **** outa here!
  12. skyl4rk

    skyl4rk Guest

    I hear you, but even after traveling a bit, I still haven't found any better place to live.
  13. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I'm a Michigander who left in the early 80s for the same reasons that you mentioned.

    Mostly a bad economy. Also got tired of winter.

    I still visit quite frequently. And I just love it. In many ways it is the finest piece of real estate I've ever seen. But it kinda stinks if you're having a hard time making a living and future prospects don't look good.

    Especially if you've got family somewhere (like Ft Worth) who can help you get your feet on the ground, then you ought to get yourself in the sunbelt and start living again.

    I hated to leave my home and my heart ached for it for years. I was sorry to go.
    I'm sure I'll never live in Michigan again. And that's a little sad for me.

    But I'm not really sorry I left.
  14. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    Where did you live in Michigan?
  15. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    Hmmmm... Maybe I can get someone in my family to register it for me. I know the secretary of state will deny me because of my suspended license. BĂ„STARDS!!!!!! It seems that In this state they want you walking if you lose your license.
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  16. mabman

    mabman Member

    I have to agree. I am spending some time in MI and while it is cold and somewhat grey it has great countryside and the people in the town I am in are very friendly. The roads are endless and the cruising on them is really good. Living expenses are very reasonable also. I may just hang around for awhile.
  17. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    You are right about that. If I can somehow land myself a good job, I don't think I will ever leave. I really do enjoy cruising the country roads. In the summer time I am hanging out at the beaches at Lake Michigan. The cold doesn't bother me much when I have a car to drive through the winter. It's these past 3 years that have been real hard for me. I been living on my own, no car or drivers license, and I been bouncing from one dead end job to another.
  18. L8 APEKS

    L8 APEKS New Member

    CA law (which is usually the most harsh/most ridiculous) sees motorized bicycles as equal to Mopeds.

    This means:
    Insurance is NOT required.

    As for operation, you are allowed to use the bike lane. You are not supposed to exceed 30mph, and they assume the engine produces no more than 2 brake HP.

    Hope that helps.
  19. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Josh, I did my early growing up in Detroit and my later teen and early adult years south of Jackson. Hillsdale County, to be precise.

    I have quite a bit of family in and around Grand Rapids. I still visit them regularly. And I have customers in Holland, St Louis (MI) and then east and north. So I visit them yearly.
    (In fact, it's getting time to go see them again.)

    Also, my oldest and dearest friend on Earth stayed in Detroit. For years I would meet up with him for hunting, canoeing, hiking, skiing, etc. But he died almost two years ago now. So those days are over. another reason MI is kinda melancholy for me.
    Still have a couple friends in Hillsdale County. I'm happy to visit them. But they're not as active. We just sit around drinking beer. and that is nice, but I can't party like I used to. Get too sick.

    All in all, though, I'm still a frequent visitor. And I do love Michigan. But it was better that I left. At least from a making-a-living point of view. I don't know if you're in a similar spot or not. but you might be. And it is nice to get away from winter for a while.
  20. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Anywhere you live gets old after a while !!!

    I have lived in some great places ..
    Like Yellowstone, colorado, montana, Florida, Alaska, Asia, Middle east...
    But after a while it all gets boring !!!
    If your in the mountains you want the beach vise-versa...
    Thats what I like about Texas it's kinda neutral...
    Anywhere else you go is awesome !!!
    It's not so much where you live but how you live !!!
    Just Have fun and if you arent then move !!!!
    oh yea go ride that thing !!!!