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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by jroyse, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Anybody heard anything about Whizzer motorbike in Texas? I thought this was "the" place to order original parts for new Whizzers. So I ordered a few parts for a 99 WC1 I am working on. Its now been over two weeks since I ordered and I have no parts. I have called numerous times but get no answer. Message says mail box is full, then switches to Verizon voice mail which says number is incorrect. Just trying to find out if anybody else has had a problem there. Meanwhile work on my bike has stopped for now.

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    Whizzer Usa

    Whizzer USA has always been great with me, 13 years. sorry it's taking so long. Quenton is a authorized whizzer dealer with tons of parts, Ralph from woodstock IL. is also. Ray Meisner is a authorized dealer in DeKalb IL.

    it looks like someone was trying to make your wc-1 looks more like the vintage whizzer. motor still looks in is original form.

    thanks for posting. Ray
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    Yep, the motor is still original but the rest of the bike is a mess. Somebody cut all the wires off right at the headlight switch and a bunch of other wires. Even the speedo and headlight bulbs. Lots of rust inside the fenders and corrosion on other areas. Must have sat outside for a while. But hey I got it off craigslist for $200. Had running for a couple minutes but it won't run unless I play with the choke.
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    Hi jroyse,

    I have a lot of Whizzer parts in stock [both vintage & new edition], and have upgraded over a thousand motors.

    Whizzer USA no longer maintains a full time business, and has been difficult to contact.

    Have fun,