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Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
Outer Banks North Carolina
After many emails & phone calls it became clear more information is needed concerning heads for the Whizzer motor. In my shop I have over 25 heads that have been tested on Whizzer's NE motor, and another 15 that were tested on the earlier WC-1 motor. The majority were "custom" made, a few from vendors, and several factory proto-types. Before I continue, it is important to note that simply installing a different head doesn't always produce more power. In order to produce more power several changes should be made at the same time. There is one issue concerning heads that differs between the WC-1 and the current NE motor, the compression ratio. All NE motors start out with less compression than the earlier WC-1 motor [to keep the speed down], but the fix seldon requires a new head, just a trip to the local machine shop to "mill" the stock head. I have watched vendors "streeeeeech" the truth and charge large sums of money, only to supply a second rate product. I go out of my way to avoid "trashing" anothers product, but sometimes it is difficult to ignor, because I hate to see people "taken to the clearners" or as they say "I spent a King's ransom on the parts". Of all the vendors, only two produce a workable option. And of the two, one pushes the details a little far, and the other only makes heads in his spare time [Weber versions for the NE motor]. It is also important when considering an aftermarket head to be VERY clear to the vendor about which Whizzer motor, camshafts, & valve size are to be used. A perfect example is using stock valves but installing a head designed for larger valves [larger combustion chamber= lower compression], or an aftermarket head with the combustion chamber too shallow to allow the stock NE [high lift] camshaft to lift the valves without hitting the head. I have even tested heads from vendors that have a major problem in drilling the head bolt holes to match the cylinder [one had a head bolt hole off 1/4"]. Another of my favorite descriptions is from Ralph [I have purchased many products from him over the years], but not quite sure why he refers to his aftermarket heads as "hemi", when in fact his heads are in no way a "hemi" styled combustion chamber. His aftermarket heads are in fact a copy of a very expensive "billet" head with a modified combustion chamber. The normal price for a good aftermarket head should range from $150. to $185. If extra power is needed and cost is an issue [when isn't it?], simply "mill" off .060" to .070" from the stock NE head and use a copper head gasket [adds a lot of torque]. I am currently testing a new proto-type head [less than $100.] with amazing results so far, in fact it has out performed all but one head in my inventory [I won't disclose which one, because I don't want to degrade a vendors chance to sell their wares]. Just one last comment concerning Whizzer heads, the combustion chamber area [CCs] is important, but the combustion chamber design is where the power is.
Whizzer OuterBanks,
excellent post Quenton! I sure do appreciate (as I'm sure everyone else does as well) that you are so willing to share what you know from your experiences and testing, with everyone for the betterment of the motorsport overall. Keep on rockin' my friend!
If you ever write a book, I want one. You are a goldmine of Whizzer info. Thanks for the great post.

Hi Jim, Thanks for the comments. I actually write an article every month for the "Whizzer Newsletter". The majority of my articles are centered around the new edition Whizzers [1999 to current]. I would be happy to foward information about joining the newsletter, but I am not sure if that would be breaking the rules on this site. I have been supplying articles for several years for the newsletter under the heading Quenton's Corner, and I believe it is possible to obtain past issues. If it is against the rules on this site to promote the newsletter, then I could post many of the articles I wrote in the past on this site if it would be helpful.
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I wouldn't be opposed to it - but who knows. Me being a web developer, I am half-tempted to build a little "quenton's corner" type information website (nothing too flash) just as an online repository of information......don't hold me to it now....ha ha ha, but it would be really easy to do.

Quenton - hit me offline if that tickles your fancy.

Cheers - dallas