Wifes Trike


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Mar 12, 2008
well since we have our own little section now i can at least follow up on my wifes recumbent trike

(previously posted at the end of this thread)


The wooden rollers that came with the trike are wearing out way too fast, i had been in contact with DE and made the suggestion that i might need to buy a lathe, but they countered me with, most people use a hole saw and 2x4's, WOW, you dont have to worry about belts with this setup thats for sure.

Anyhow i have ordered some urethane rollers which are denser so they should last longer !!! i hope...

I have to mount a kill switch up front (should arrive this week) on the handle bars for the engine. Oh how i love the auto engage, not having to pull that cord makes the effort of riding this soooo much easier, not that pulling a cord is hard in the first place, its just that when you can start up on the fly and not have to dismount its way to cool.

I will probably order the standard half fairing that is made for these trikes to see how it works out and maybe later on, go for the full front setup.

The trike is cruising at around 20 mph with the 1 1/2 inch roller, hill climbing a steady 15 mph, i havnt tried the 1 3/4 yet which would probably get me too 25 mph, but since this thing attracts so much attention i dont want it going too fast anyway.


Your setup is way different then mine but if your going thru the wood's way fast then maybe your getting a little slippage, just a hair more tension from a leg adjustment might make a differance. I do use the eurathane myself tho cause they do look a lot cooler.
hi pump,

i dont think its slippage, i literally have to kneel down on top the unit when i tighten the outside lock nut, its probably because the rig is pretty heavy,maybe i am locking it too tight, rob is sending the urethane rollers out his week and i will change the tire to a smooth thread hopefully this will help solve the problem.
Didn't realise you were running rough tires. I use a standard tire pattern and keep the preasure pretty moderate as I set it with a spacer. I use a piece of metal about 1.5 times as thick as the leg and place that between the drive roller and the tire when the engagement is in the off position. Now this has made the engine "bump" start a couple times when going off huge curbs and in disengaged mode but makes for a tight but not to tight engagement.
hi pumpbuilder,

i had the rougher thread on there because the old slicks were getting too many punctures. When i was riding with just the electric kit there was alot of construction going on with new housing developments and so fourth, That said its eased up alot now as you can imagine so once i get the new rollers from rob, i will switch over to slicks and line tires, slime etc, help bombproof.

Getting the right pressure will always be an effort, which i now accept because of the internal leg config, when i engage and disengage their is the slightest of movements which will always be their until i come up with a better solution than the threaded rod.

I have to beef up the joint somehow and yet allow enough movement for the unit to function. When i first started to mount this was my biggest probem i was trying too put on too many extra supports without realising it was affecting the way the roller was supposed to move. The simplier the better the less that can go wrong !!!!
It's too bad that there is not some sort of "post" or something that match's the angle of that wheel then it would be the same as mounting to any other "standard" bike.
I have to say I have been tempted by recumbants - but they are soooo far out of my price range in the UK its ridiculous.. then again, its probably better that I dont since doing the remembrance avenue at almost 40mph on a sit up and beg makes enough car drivers nervous already lol

Have you tried a very fine glasspaper around the wooden core? - might help the rollers last - although as you say, since its just a matter of cutting another one out - there seems little point - just carry spares.

Btw I found a good high capacity fuel carrier... 750ml screw top wine bottle will fit in a standard bottle holder - with everything full to capacity I have 600ml + 500ml + 750ml total fuel for just under 75 miles :)
The sx version of the trike which this kit was designed for would be a easy setup. The problem, well not yet anyhow hasnt been the wheel but the interior support leg. Because of the interior disk brakes i had to split the support and add the threaded rod to mount the bottom section.

In the normal setup (sx version, no insde disk brake, no threaded rod)this would be locked solid with no movement ,but because of the weight of the engine etc. been supported on the threaded rod it is flexing when i disengage and engage the unit. I have one or two ideas that might work,by adding a support arm from the axle of the bike, up to the rod which will have a drilled hole to allow it to move slightly back and forward horizontally, but honestly i don't have two minutes too myself with the kids and my wifes doc appointments.

See you should have gotten the SX verson instead of AX! Way less problems.
You still have a cool rig....:D