yup i am an idiot



for those of you hitting that middle age and eyes starting to go will apreciate this. got the bike done tuesday and was all excited and went to store picked up my oil to mix with some gas and cruise. didnt take my glasses and thought the bottle said 2.2oz and i mixed it 3 bottles to .8 gallons of gas which is around 16 to one which the manual said to break it in. ran that gas all thru in a couple tanks and went to mix more. poured in 3 bottles again into the gas can and went to gas station and put in 1.3 gallons this time for 25 to 1. was at work bench with glasses on this time and noticed the bottle said 3.2 ounces not 2.2 oz lol. so i broke it in at around 11 to one ran back to store and got more gas to put in can to reduce mixture to 25 to 1 now that it is broken in. i guess it is lubed real well and ran fine however it runs even better now lol:p
:cool:Well Paul, at least you erred on the side of caution, and that is good.

that's better than running with NO oil in the gas tank.:eek:
At least you erred in the right direction.

LOL yeah my eyes are just starting to get goofy, no glasses yet but I can see them on the fuzzy horizon.

getting old stinks-get out and ride!
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