1959 schwinn tornado

Very nice straight-bar Schwinn! I like it, a very clean installation job. Is that a K&N air filter? Tell us a bit more about that trailer if you will. I'm thinking about making one for my Whizzer.
made from the axles & wheels of a harbor freight wood cart, 3/4" emt conduit, & 1/2" plywood. 2 old parts container from my former bussiness. i haul about 60-100 lbs with no problems. this was my guide site. the air filter was 16.00, at tractor supply store, it is for a 70 cc bmx , or mini bike.
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i'm not sure, my grandfather bought it used, when i was a kid, i'm 45 now. the bike was so rusty when i pulled it out of the barn, i could hardly see any markings on it, i found the numbers on the rear drop out, & looked it up on schwinn's restoration forum to find out what year it was made. i don't know what makes a deluxe different .if you have a pic of your tornado, please post it, i like to look at old schwinns.
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Heres my Tornado, everything is original except for the chain, and pedals since the original's shafts were crooked. I am missing th tank, which yours has. I heard from Memory Lane Classics that it is a really rare part, I hope to find one someday.


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ok, i see the difference, the deluxe has springer forks, rear rack better seat, & wheels.so to answer, mine in not a deluxe.yours is in much better shape than mine. mine does'nt have a tank either, you must be looking at my ht engine tank. also the wheels were shot on mine, how did you run across such a neat old bike? this is the model i have, i wish mine was in such good shape. you have a great old schwinn there.
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Oh, yours doesn't have a tank.... I must've imagined it. I got the bike from a friend of a friend who was selling it. I'm thinking of putting in an engine, what do you recommend, it has to be a 49cc, so I don't need a license.
it depends , i think if i had a bike that old in that good shape, if i could afford the cost, i would go with one of the good rack mounts, with a belt drive.you need a front brake, which requires a bit of welding to install on your bike. if you do go with a frame mount, i would suggest a mount along the lines of this one (first picture).
as to not damage the frame.
your left pedal crank arm will most likely hit the side of the happy time engine, but check for sure by checking the distance from the center your seat post tube, to the inside edge of you pedal crank arms, you need 3-5/8 inches to clear the sides of the engine, the left will be the one, if you have that problem. to be honest, i would park that bike, & invest in a newer steel frame bike, with front & rear hand brakes, not coaster type, (you have to enlarge the sprocket hole to clear the coaster brake arm.) & save that bike , you don't find em every day. if you could just keep that bike like it is , till you are old, you would be happier. check your local laws regarding motorized bicycles for lots of states are different
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