2-stroke smell in the workplace?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by echotraveler, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. echotraveler

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    Hello friends,

    Im buying a worksman!!! yeah!!! im so excited! :tt1:

    well, heres my question to you. Can i park a 2-stroke bicycle in a closed workarea??

    im thinking that 2-strokes smell when burning, but do they smell when cool??



  2. Pablo

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    They may have a slightly nice aroma when still hot, but not much if any when cool. Folks either hate or LOVE the smell of castor so I'll leave that out. Just use a more pleasant smelling oil. (you can even get fuel scents from hot rod places and catalogs)

    However, I think a larger issue will be the gasoline. Unlikely the codes and insurance will allow that.....
  3. Mountainman

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    insurance companies hate that word

    if there are other THINGS around with gas in them
    you should be alright

    but -- what is mentioned above by Pablo is the true issue
    gas inside building can = fire
    insurance companies hate that word

    put some saddle bags over that engine ??

    bottom line -- ride that thing
  4. I love the smell of bean oil in the morning......LOL
  5. bikebum1975

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    AH the smell of a two stroke!! As mentioned you either love it or hate it. I happen to be one that likes the smell But then again some that know me would say I am slightly warped. :)
  6. BSA

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    Oh yeah smells even better with dino why i changed from synthetic.

  7. parking it shouldn't be a big problem. alot of people keep their chainsaws, weedeaters, leaf blowers, etc... in their garages I just wouldnt park it in my house. all gasoline engines have a slight smell of gas in the close proximity of it.

    I for one like the smell of 2 stroke. I have come close to buying a couple of 2 stroke cars & trucks over the years, yes they made 2 stroke cars & trucks & imported into the USA at least through the late 1970's

  8. wheelbender6

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    I pull my bicycle into my office when I ride to work. I might roll an E-powered bike inside, but not a petro burning machine.

    You might let your mo-bike cool off a few minutes before parking in a closed area. Vapors are vented from the gas cap in reaction to movement during riding. Other than that, it should be ok.
  9. spad4me

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    Make sure your gas tank seals tightly even if vented.

    About a block away from your destination turn off your fuel petcock and allow the fuel in the carb to be consumed.

    You may want it to cool outside for ten minutes ?

    Chain your bike so that it can not fall and spill gas. Away from sparks.
    , or open flame. LOL
  10. echotraveler

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    many thanx for your great comments! =-)
  11. zaviii

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    I store my motorized bike in my apartment living room 5 feet from the kitchen and have learned how to make the gas smell almost non-existent. Try this, before you turn your bike off after riding, turn the petcock off while leaving the engine running for about 30 seconds. Continuously rev the engine moderately during this 30 second and by doing so it will empty your carburetor bowl. This is done because usually the leaks occur from the carburetor. After 30 seconds or so turn the bike off and make sure your fuel valve or petcock is completely off. Check for oil/fuel drippings on the belly of the carburetor bowl, below it and around and under the engine. If this clean and there are no other leaks or traces of fuel, like in the fuel line connection you should be set. All you should smell at this point is a slightly metallic smell, but nothing offensive.

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  12. echotraveler

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    great tip zavii!! thanx