92 miles and the speedo cable snapped

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by MoonKS, Apr 14, 2008.

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    I was on my way home from work when I looked down to check my speed - it said I was going zero MPH - pretty impressive. When I got home I checked to see if the speedo cable was secure at both ends (speedo and wheel) - and it was.

    So I unscrewed it from the speedometer and when I did there was about a 1.75 inch piece of internal braided/wound steel cable that was sheared off (see attached photo). So I call the dealer since it is only 10 days old - they tell me they stock no Whizzer parts or accessories and to call Whizzer. So I get out my owners manual and dial the number - I get a message it is no longer in service. So I hit the website and they have a completely different number.

    I call and speak with an extremely nice lady who tells me that I should contact my dealer as that is how they handle warranty claims. I told her I did and that they said they do not deal in parts/accessories. She said to try again and let them know that is how Whizzer does it - and that once the dealer contacts them (Whizzer) they can have the cable shipped directly to my address.

    By this time the dealer is closed - so I will hit them up tomorrow. But I also told the kind woman at Whizzer that the number in their Owners Manual is out of service - she said, "You must have purchased an older Whizzer". I told her it was a 2007 NE5 according to the title - she said they should have a newer manual or one with an insert - I said the manual I got was all greasy and beat up and it says that the rear brake is a coaster brake - hmmmm.

    Odd to have the cable snap like that - there is no tension on the cable at all - I must have had one built on a Friday :p

    She said if I get no help from the dealer with my second try I could just call them back and they will get the cable to me. I like good service - and I feel like I am getting it with Whizzer.



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    That has to be a defect. They will take care of you. I have heard that some dealers do not handle any parts. It sounds strange to me but I guess they only do it part time. Other than the speedo cable failure, how was your first day commuting with the Whizzer? The added power from the modified restrictor is nice huh.
    Take care

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    I am not too broken up about the speedo cable - she runs without it - but I am keeping close track of speed/distance during the break-in period so now I have to pay extra attention to distance.

    Yep, it was fun to ride to work today. The best thing was Saturday afternoon when I went to a local place called Biker's Edge - they were having some sort of event (unbeknownst to me) - and I pull up to well over 200 Harleys and the like - about 300ish people in leather - chaps - all of the patches - the local HD chapter were there - the Patriot Guard were there (they were started about a half hour down the road from here).

    At first I wondered what everyone was going to think of my lightweight ride - but I drew a crowd fast - dozens of hardcore bikers were around me asking all about it - "What is that?" "Is that an early model Indian?" "That F******* rules!" - I got tons of questions about it. Then they wanted to watch me start it by pedaling and "popping the clutch" - I had to tell them it was just a small lever. But they even commented it sounded like an early model Harley.

    I had gone in there for a leather tool roll and to see if I could get some kind of vintage handlebars (repro) and white tires - It was a no go on the bars and tires - but I walked out with a nice leather tool roll (plain, no fancy studs or conchos) and a pair of leather riding gloves - and a free lunch of a brat, coleslaw and a diet Coke - and as I drove off I had a crowd gathered to watch me on my Whizzer

    I am loving the Whizzer - I have always had Vespas, Lambrettas and even a new Stella - and I was in the market for a scooter when I discovered the Whizzer - I am SO glad I found out about motorized bicycles before I spent more than twice as much on a scooter!
  4. I had a cheap e-bay speedo go the same way. It raked over 900 miles before it broke,though. And on mine the cable sheared off because the speedo gears within seized up.
    You better check inside your speedo. Make sure it turns easy. There's a reason why that snapped.
    I love your Harley story. They are the ones as far as motorcyclists go that get it.
  5. RdKryton

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    That's a great story. Glad you are enjoying everything. These things are soooo much fun.
    What Large said it a distinct possibility. Try to turn the inside of the speedo unit.
    Good luck.

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    By the look of your speedo cable when u replace it with a new one give it a light coating of white lithium grease first....i do that with ALL my cables.
    BTW...Really good story.
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    Sure don't want to hijack this post, but have to tell a really good story. 2 years ago during "Bike Week" , I was asked to display some of my "vintage" Whizzers in the local "bike" show. When the judging was in progress I over heard several of the judges having heated discussions on which of my 3 Whizzers was first, second, & third place in the show. The majority thought my 1950 pacemaker was first, but couldn't agree if my Ivory 1949 or my blue 1951 Scwhinn S4/WZs was second or third. When the event was over I had 1st, 2nd, & 3rd best of show with the HD riders asking "when were they were going to hand out the best of show for the Harleys"? The judges had to tell them I had taken all the "gold" period! Good thing they had free beer, cause everybody seemed Ok with the final results.
    Have fun,
  8. MoonKS

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    Great story, Quenton! I would have loved to seen the looks on their faces.

    And Fetor - Well, I took it to the dealer today and when he pulled the inner cable out it was bone dry - he said there should be a good coating of oil in there - but he was right...it was indeed bone dry. I will definitely lubricate when it gets here!

    Whizzer is sending a new one my way :smile:


  9. bill green

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    Hi Matthew My name is Bill Green of Vancouver Whizzer .Hate to say it but on set up that cable sould have been lubed ,You might give the bike A real good going over.If any questions you can postor or pm me. so were you talking to lisa or debbie it dosnt matter they both sound great .
  10. MoonKS

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    Hi Bill - a pleasure to meet you. I was talking to Debbie. Yes, I am going to give the Whizzer another good once over - I did initially to make sure that the oil was at the proper level and that the screws/bolts/nuts were secure (to which I found many were not so out came the blue Loctite). I never thought to check the lubrication of the cables - that will be a project for tomorrow!
  11. bill green

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    Hi matthew Did your dealer Take care of you on the cable Bill Green
  12. MoonKS

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    Yes indeed - as a matter of fact he went through his Harley cables to try and find a 37" internal cable for me to use until the cable from Whizzer arrived. I was there when he called Whizzer and ordered the cable.

    The only problem I am having is finding straight 40 wt. oil now - I hit AutoZone, O'Reilly, and Pep Boys today at lunch....nada. My quest continues! Perhaps like anything here in KS...I will be forced to order online...


  13. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Matthew, I live in a small fishing village on the coast of NC , and can find the oil everywhere. NAPA, K Mart, Walmart, & Advance Auto Parts, just to mention a few. Several of the brands call it HD [heavy duty]. Good luck in finding it. When I had a motorcycle shop in the 70s, 40wt was used in a lot of bikes, and I would think the Harley dealer would also stock it.
    Have fun,
  14. Dude. I can find 40w at Walgreens even. That's some seriously thick stuff.
  15. MoonKS

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    Funny, after work today I went to two other auto parts stores - I even hit Target up - nada. Then I decided to stop at the local hardware store to get some zip ties....lo and behold they had Quaker State 40 wt. So I picked up a couple of quarts, a funnel and a measuring cup. So I guess it's the hardware store from now on!
  16. bill green

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    Hi Matthew Good to hear your cable is in the mail .Im also happy to hear you dont have to import oil this year have fun Bill Green
  17. Irish John

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    I loved your story Moonks. I often get clapped by the rows of hitch-hikers when I ride into town on my schwinn cruiser 4 stroke. It's a hoot. Also the other day about 30 members of a bikie gang called 'The Nomads' surrounded me with their Harleys as I was riding along the road. I thought they might be going to kill me or run me off the road but they were just slowing down to take a good look. My insides were vibrating from the noise of their Harleys and my regret was that I couldn't keep up with them when they finally took off.
  18. peter nap

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    Hi Matthew

    I just wanted to put my plug in for Whizzer. My dealer is a super nice fellow and tries hard. He's also inexperienced. My Whizzer had a ton of problems and every time I got one fixed. Two would pop up. Some of the fixes he did were downright dangerous (Like no brakes).

    Anyway, I got fed up and was ready to tell him to take it away. I called Whizzer. Nicest people I ever dealt with.
    They sent me to a more experienced dealer and started replacing parts, not fixing, replacing. I called the other day for a screw and gasket that the new dealer had missed and still no charge.

    It's not often you find something like the Whizzers, that I really love, and a company that's top notch to go with it/