98 whizzer will not stay running


Fed up whizzer owner

It sounds like the valve seats. The WC1 engines were notorious for what you're describing. My 99 did it. When the engine warms up the seats come loose. If you let it sit for a minute it cools down enough that they seat again & it will start & run for a minute or 2 & then does it again.
yeah that is what i thought , i ended up getting soo mad at it i sold it for scrap looking back on it i still dont feel bad about it because there was absolutely no way i could afford a replacement engine for it and that would have been the only way to fix the issue

i will never buy another whizzer again , worst experience of my life


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Aug 3, 2015
Definitly sounds like valve seats. Contact quincy163@yahoo.com. he has a fix for the head that uses set screws to pin them so they cant come loose.. also. Get on whizzer newsletter mailing list. Its a fantastic monthly mailing.. good luck. I have tqo whizzers and love em
I said head but meant cylinder... quintons fix is about the only real fix. Whizzer even made a staking tool but even with that, there is no guarentee thy wont pop loose. Set screws is only real fix..