Jackshaft ? about 131.5mm Bottom Bracket Cartridge from SickBikeParts.com

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    Does anyone know if the 131.5mm bottom bracket cartridge from SickBikeParts (see picture) has a removable ring (left side, none drive side)? I need to replace the bottom bracket I have so it will work with the JackShaft Kit they sell. I have a 3 piece cartridge style bottom bracket, which I guess won't work with their JackShaft Kit. This is my 2nd build and it is with a old mountain bike from France, where I am located. A local bike shop (Culture Velo) was surprised to see pictures of motorized bicycles that I brought in. It was like they never saw anything like this before. Anyway, I just want to make sure that the SickBikeParts Jackshaft HD Kit with the 131.5mm bottom bracket cartridge will work with my bottom bracket shell (70mm). I wish I lived back in the States just for these reasons :ack2: Thanks for listening.


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    Our cartridge BB is a 1.37 diameter by 24 threads per inch which I believe is standard but I do know there are other BB shell diameters and threads out there. Hope that helps.