Australia and oversized motors



The law in Australia is the engine cant be over 30cc and not over 200watt to be legally ridden.

I've been riding my bike for a couple of months with no problems yet.
I live on the Gold Coast.

Has anyone had problems with the police? I dont think they really would be able to tell the differenec between a 30cc and a 80cc. Atleast not most of them. and i dont think they would know the laws anyway.. Atleast its what im hoping.



I was thinkning about getting a trophy place to do up a little metal sheet that says the motor is 50cc and 200watt.. and sticking it onto the motor.

the only problem is if the cops do catch me. then ill have no excuse. they will know i knew the law that it had to be 200watt or under.
Im pretty confident I will get away with it for the 6 months while i have no lisence... im just alittle bit worried becuase the law says anything over 200watt is considered a motorbike.. and since i lost my lisence for DUI if i get caught driving a motorbike/car then i lose it for longer. much longer

go you good thing

I think a 50cc is way over 200w more like 1200w.

To keep it safe I'd say it was 23cc and 198w.

I have a friend that is in the traffic division and he told me of the 200w law but also said that the fine for this is $70. If you tell them that it is 200w or under they then have to get an engineers report done to prove it is higher. This costs them almost $400. They will only spend the money if it is required eg. motor veicle accident etc.

Again if you ride with sense then they will let you go :D


According to the specs with my littla china 50cc it's 1600watts or 3hp.

I've seen 3 other motoreds around town here but reckon they only rip around the back streets. Concerns me that these clowns may give the mode a bad name. But I'm confident that my new bike will change the local view with the full lights and all. I've been driving on public roads for a few decades now and only had a couple accidents worth noting. So I reckon motored-biking will be a lot less stressful as long as the other road users take the time to see me (fingers & toes crossed).

Will definitely do the suggested '23cc and 198w' on some kind of factory style attachment. Actually a stamped, metal tag with a hole for bolt mounting on the engine covers somewhere would be a choice. Thanks for the ideas friends.
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man that would have to be a very restricted engineto get 200 watts even a regular restricted 18cc weekeater puts out about 600 watts

its the same as the USA electric bike law it cant be over 750 watts but nobody would ever know if its over plus you can put a sticker on anything


Nobody will beleive that your combustion engine (thats even larger than a weekwacker engine) is under 200watts. Even the <10cc radio control engines are 1hp+.

The only solution is to absolutely minimise travel on busy roads.
I have a friend that is in the traffic division and he told me of the 200w law but also said that the fine for this is $70. :
If the cop wanted to be really anal he can legally charge you for driving an uninsured and unregistered vehicle as if you were driving an unregistered car/motorbike. Massive fine.
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It's all common sense isn't it....don't have your bike looking toooo good and don't go tearing around the streets like a madman.
It probably also helps to pedal when u see the cops. :)


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Jan 14, 2008
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Hey Chopper,

Can you advise where you go the 195 watt sticker from, or did you make one yourself?

Stowaway - did you eventually get a metal plate done up. I certainly want to do the same thing but am not exactly sure what to place on it.

eg: 33cc with bore and stroke and saying output is: 197watts.

Any ideas welcomed.
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Jan 18, 2008
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the law is under review

i have three motorised bikes in tassie - a 500 watt Italian job, a mountain bike with an 80cc skyhawk super rat motor and a new hybrid fitted with a pull start 3500 watt 2 stroke with an auto gear box.
The cops dont even look at me and they realistically dont have the ability to dyno a bike to ascertain the output anyway - nor are they interested in the hassle.
I understand the law is being reviewed as the 200 watt rating etc is pathetic and all gas engines exceed that mark in reality. 200 watts is nothing even the hair dryer is larger.
The goal of the new law is to ensure control over top end speed as i understand in an effort to try and stop the fools from being foolish.
Anyway what are you riding?
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