Australia and oversized motors

Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by stowaway, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. stowaway

    stowaway Guest

    The law in Australia is the engine cant be over 30cc and not over 200watt to be legally ridden.

    I've been riding my bike for a couple of months with no problems yet.
    I live on the Gold Coast.

    Has anyone had problems with the police? I dont think they really would be able to tell the differenec between a 30cc and a 80cc. Atleast not most of them. and i dont think they would know the laws anyway.. Atleast its what im hoping.

  2. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    I think you'll find it's anything over 50c and 200 watts... at least that's what I told the cops when this happened,
    I have just purchased an 80cc (?) fitted out mountain bike which has a 195 watts sticker on it ;)
  3. stowaway

    stowaway Guest


    I was thinkning about getting a trophy place to do up a little metal sheet that says the motor is 50cc and 200watt.. and sticking it onto the motor.

    the only problem is if the cops do catch me. then ill have no excuse. they will know i knew the law that it had to be 200watt or under.
    Im pretty confident I will get away with it for the 6 months while i have no lisence... im just alittle bit worried becuase the law says anything over 200watt is considered a motorbike.. and since i lost my lisence for DUI if i get caught driving a motorbike/car then i lose it for longer. much longer
  4. I think a 50cc is way over 200w more like 1200w.

    To keep it safe I'd say it was 23cc and 198w.

    I have a friend that is in the traffic division and he told me of the 200w law but also said that the fine for this is $70. If you tell them that it is 200w or under they then have to get an engineers report done to prove it is higher. This costs them almost $400. They will only spend the money if it is required eg. motor veicle accident etc.

    Again if you ride with sense then they will let you go :grin:
  5. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    According to the specs with my littla china 50cc it's 1600watts or 3hp.

    I've seen 3 other motoreds around town here but reckon they only rip around the back streets. Concerns me that these clowns may give the mode a bad name. But I'm confident that my new bike will change the local view with the full lights and all. I've been driving on public roads for a few decades now and only had a couple accidents worth noting. So I reckon motored-biking will be a lot less stressful as long as the other road users take the time to see me (fingers & toes crossed).

    Will definitely do the suggested '23cc and 198w' on some kind of factory style attachment. Actually a stamped, metal tag with a hole for bolt mounting on the engine covers somewhere would be a choice. Thanks for the ideas friends.
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  6. mopedjay

    mopedjay Guest

    man that would have to be a very restricted engineto get 200 watts even a regular restricted 18cc weekeater puts out about 600 watts

    its the same as the USA electric bike law it cant be over 750 watts but nobody would ever know if its over plus you can put a sticker on anything
  7. iron_monkey

    iron_monkey Guest

    Nobody will beleive that your combustion engine (thats even larger than a weekwacker engine) is under 200watts. Even the <10cc radio control engines are 1hp+.

    The only solution is to absolutely minimise travel on busy roads.
    If the cop wanted to be really anal he can legally charge you for driving an uninsured and unregistered vehicle as if you were driving an unregistered car/motorbike. Massive fine.
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  8. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    It's all common sense isn't it....don't have your bike looking toooo good and don't go tearing around the streets like a madman.
    It probably also helps to pedal when u see the cops. :smile:
  9. Watcher05

    Watcher05 Member

    Hey Chopper,

    Can you advise where you go the 195 watt sticker from, or did you make one yourself?

    Stowaway - did you eventually get a metal plate done up. I certainly want to do the same thing but am not exactly sure what to place on it.

    eg: 33cc with bore and stroke and saying output is: 197watts.

    Any ideas welcomed.
  10. the law is under review

    i have three motorised bikes in tassie - a 500 watt Italian job, a mountain bike with an 80cc skyhawk super rat motor and a new hybrid fitted with a pull start 3500 watt 2 stroke with an auto gear box.
    The cops dont even look at me and they realistically dont have the ability to dyno a bike to ascertain the output anyway - nor are they interested in the hassle.
    I understand the law is being reviewed as the 200 watt rating etc is pathetic and all gas engines exceed that mark in reality. 200 watts is nothing even the hair dryer is larger.
    The goal of the new law is to ensure control over top end speed as i understand in an effort to try and stop the fools from being foolish.
    Anyway what are you riding?
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  11. Watcher05

    Watcher05 Member

    Yeah Mike, that's the understanding that I'm getting: if its pedal power and has a motor
    The police will hopefully accept the law as it stands and knowing full well that they can't really prove that its over 200wtts (on the spot anyways). Locally we had a few people getting busted for riding their rideon mowers, golf buggies etc on the road (could have been drunk as well) and they paid the uninsured/unregistered price. Of course, they weren't pushbikes with pedals!!

    I only just ordered my 48cc from zbox. Should be here Monday. Have bought a cheapie mountain bike from Kmart. Hopefully it should fit.

    PS: Will attempt to update my profile!
  12. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    You can try it but it's not a good idea to buy a cheap MTB from K-mart or anywhere like that.They've got the cheapest of everything and friends who have tried this have broken spokes/frames/gears/etc.Bikes wern't designed or built to have motors in them so u need a good one to handle the stress.
    To see if it fits a frame mount my general rule if thumb is measure the INSIDE of the triangular frame between the crank and the should be a minimum of 36CM...ideally more cos your giving yourself more room to work for routing maintenance,but 36CM if your stuck.
    Warren from ZBOX is fine and his kits good so u shouldn't have any problems there.
  13. cheap bikes are just as described - cheap. the brakes break, the rims buckle and the ride comfort amongst other things just isnt up to it. This is important as you tend to spend a lot more time on the seat with a motored bike due to the absence of pedalling and you tend to go a lot further. Therefore i have found that spending an extra $200 on the bike which would get you into a Giant (good frame mount configuration) is very worth while. I have a 'Cell' mountain bike and it is tough with heavy duty frame and that runs the super rat motor - it is however not the most comfortable. My latest bike i fitted a 3500w pull start with auto to a Giant Hybrid - now that is a light and comfortable bike - i love it. The bike only cost $385 and the motor $200 - cant go wrong.
    Also about boof heads on the road - we have a lot of guys in town who lost the license over DUI and they are a little irresponsible. One guy hit a car the other night doing 50Km/hr when the driver opend the door. The guy on the bike was drunk and when the cops arrived they gave him a breathalyser (he was also covered in blood and just about ripped his ear off) and he blew 0.225 - wow. He is a habitual alco and has lost the license several time - he said to the cops after gettng the reading "oh thats nothing - i usually blow twice that amount"? He is not a great ambassador for motored bikes!
  14. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    746 watts

    746 watts = 1hp ...
  15. Stink Bike

    Stink Bike Member

    Some brain at Melbourne Uni did the figures that suggest that 10cc equal 200 watts.

    I have also considered having a sticker or badge made at an engravers and just playing dumb if the cops pull me over.

    "I bought off Ebay & the bloke I bought it from said it was legal and under 200 watts"

    I'd like to find a way to quiten the motor noise so as not to draw any more attention to myself than I have to.
  16. Stink,
    I wouldnt worry about it at all - the cops just arent interested unless you are riding like a jerk and they see you or your neighbors etc complain. All bikes are over the limit in reality.
    Just ride and enjoy as they have other problems out there and to be honest a small motor on a bicycle isnt going to make you a public menace.
    My compny is about approach the legal bod's in Australia with a new option for power ontrol which will give them exactly what they want and allow us to have some power to play with - i will keep ya all posted as this will affect the laws in the USA also.
  17. Watcher05

    Watcher05 Member


    I think you can quieten the motors a tad by placing rubber pieces in the air fins etc. Came across this post the other day and had pics to so you get the idea (may have to search to know what I’m talking about).

    Mike, are we still talking about a mod that can go onto the Chinese motors or something totally different? I was going to get on my high-horse and campaign to feds etc but if cops leave me alone, I'm not going to bring unwanted attention to me and the motorbike fraternity. I wouldn't want something like the yoyo fad happening with our bikes, otherwise you'd get every fifteen year boy out there zipping up down the streets abusing the system; opening up hold different can of worms for the pollies.

    My two cents.
  18. Watcher,

    I am not sure of the yoyo fad or age groups but i am talking about a piece of tech which can be fitted to all vehicles and ensure when riding on the road that the laws are maintained even if the motor is larger than legal stipulations -ie all petrol motors. This tech will allow you however to change mode and then use full motor power in correctly designated areas - off road for instance.
    All will come clear soon when we launch our new POWER CYCLE range as it comes fitted standard as the motor and performance specification on these bikes far exceeds legal limits.
    Also the bikes we have developed are not in the price range of kids (maybe some - hmmm) and are serious performance based vehicles which will compliment the existing industry and offer some well needed advancements. There is a place for all types of motored bikes and we have taken the responsible view by ensuring our spec will meet with legal functionality (other manufacturers havent done that) whilst enabling high performance for racing and recreational riding. I love motorised bicycles and riding them - i have 3 of my own and have bought another custom beast recently from the USA which is being further modified (havent got it yet and cant wait) for me so i also have a vested interest in seeing that motored bikes remain pure. Factualy that is why i have gone into the manufacture arean - i want something really special for happy time!
    Happy Riding
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  19. will_start

    will_start Member

    hey chopper,

    the link you postered has been moved or something,

    where did it get to ?
    this is what was postered.

    I ride in Sydney, and wanna know what happened.

    I think the police don't care, they are just public
    servants on minimum wage anyway.

    Apathy is rife in government jobs.
  20. fredie

    fredie Member

    any updates