Beautiful weather


Large Filipino

First time I can think of riding Moop when it's over 75 degrees out.
Just came back.
Man do I have some apologizing to do when it comes to Moop.
What is it about terrific weather that makes you just wind it out?
I did it alot today.
This needs to stop.
This is the "Why do you feel like riding much faster when it's beautiful out" thread.
I cleaned out my swamp cooler,changed the hay and it's running now.
First time this season.
I hope Moop lives out this season.
I need to take it easy.
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whats a moop? lol nice days rock. we had 2 before the rain. and were supposed to have 2 again, before more rain. im goin ridin...
well i think its his bike, but this is what i found on the internets. MOOP Matter Out of Place
Ya know how when you drive past a field with horses in the spring and they are kicking up their hooves and running with spring excitement? I think that's how moop felt.
Laughing so hard I almost fell out of the chair.
Isn't Spring awesome...
No such luck here in England it's the sort of weather where you would go out for a ride because it looks nice out, but 5 miniuts later your racing back home to keep the engine dry from a massive storm.

It was a good day to ride here too.


I rode out to check out the place I'm going to live while I build my shop/cabin.