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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by atcspaul, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. atcspaul

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    most of you all know how much it cost to have a wheel trued or built. getting bearings replaced etc. these bikes where not made to do 30+ mph and require constant maintence. well today i went to a small local bike shop and made him an offer. told him i would like to learn to do my own work on my bike and i would do the work with his teaching pay regular price plus $10.00 an hour for his teaching and he said yes. this could save a small fortune in the future. anyway ordered 12 ga spokes (broke one yesturday replaced and broke another today) and we are also gonna replace the bearings in the rear hub. he said most of your production bikes use the wrong kind of bearings and we will make it right and said i will notice a big difference. kinda excited about it. i know how to do breaks, gears and minor stuff but looking forward to learning the good stuff.

  2. Sounds like a good idea....easiest to learn (at least for me) while doing the actual work rather than just reading it in a book....also, may get some practical tricks of the trade info that may not be found in all books...
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    eventually, MBc will expand the directory to include a "beefed-up bicycle" looks like you (among other bicyle beefer-uppers) may help lead us into that, keep us well-posted on the fun :)

    ps-"tech/mech help" is supposed to be specific questions and answers, so i moved this into "general."
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    Learnng bike repair.

    Another way to learn is to pick up a few surplus bicycles for 10 or 20 dollars and utilize the many resources/books on bike repair. A good teacher however is priceless.

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