Brakes Brakes around the wrong way?!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Anton, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Anton

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    I just spoke to my friend who is travelling in Canada (he is from Australia) and he went for a ride on a mountain bike only to find out that the brakes are setup around the wrong way when compared to back home.

    He went over the handlebars in front of a car but was lucky enough not to get hit.

    In Australia:
    Right Hand Operates Front Breaks
    Left Hand Operates Rear Breaks

    I honestly didn't know that there were different setups for brakes. Something to watch out for when you go for a ride on someone else's bike!

  2. The_Aleman

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    Funny you mention that, I had an argument with a friend of mine about which controls which. I'm American, he's a Kiwi, and he lives in Southern California. I noticed he had his RH lever controlling the front and I asked him why. He said "that's how it's supposed to be!". I had actually never seen them reversed that way. Of course it's all about preference in the end, but every bicycle I've built/worked on since the '80s, LH is front and RH is rear.

    The bike your friend was riding must have had some really good brakes!
  3. Anton

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    You learn something new everyday!

    So what side is the front brake on a motorbike over there? Over here we use our right hand for the front brake and left hand for the clutch to change gears.
  4. jeffuehrer

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    I have my front brake set-up on the right side. I don't have any rear brakes. I have one clutch lever and one brake lever. Simple Simon says keep it simple Simon. Don't worry, Mom, I keep it under 30mph.
  5. DeathProof

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    im in canada isnt everything backwards over there? roads, toilet swirl, ? lol
  6. DeathProof

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  7. Cavi Mike

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    In America on a motorcycle: Right-hand controls front brake, right foot controls back brake. On bicycles the rear brake is typically controlled by the right hand but that's because lots of bikes only had one brake, and it was mounted on the rear wheel. I only have a front brake and it's controlled by my right hand because that's what I'm familiar with on a motorcycle.
  8. DeathProof

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    im in canada and its true left hand= FRONT right hand= BACK i figured that this set up was world wide hmmm learn something new everyday!
  9. DeathProof

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    oops forgot to mention our motorcycles leftfoot shifts gears lefthand is clutch righthand is front brake and rightfoot is rear brake here
  10. tooljunkie

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    na ah.
    left hand front,right hand rear.three mountain bikes all untouched from assembler all the same.came from three different places.
    typically i would see this as a safer setup,on a biker standpoint,this would avoid locking the front brake.
  11. corey872

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    Woah! You know, I've ridden bicycles for the better part of 30 years, and motorcycles for at least 15...never really thought much of the difference! Though it would make more sense to have the front brake-right, clutch-left arrangement, so I can dedicate one full hand to the 70% brake force and one hand to the clutch...then make minor rear braking also with the left hand if needed.

    I wonder if this got started in a similar manner to the way bikes seem to mainly have the chain on the right and motorcycles mainly on the left...but looking back to early motorbikes, you see exactly why.

    Now if I could just keep the computer and telephone key pads straight...especially when dialing the telephone from the computer!
  12. DeathProof

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    motorcycles not mountain bikes im talking about lol
  13. a/c man

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    Unless you do a lot of riding in dirt or loose gravel, do yourselves a favor and the get the dual pull brake lever and completely do away with the 3 handles on your bars.

    I've been using one for 2 1/2 years without a problem. It frees up space on the handlebars and makes it much less confusing on your brain when you need to panic stop.

    You'll need one if you get a shift kit also.
  14. Big Red

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    Dual Pull

    Hey a/c man, Ya gotta remember that with the dual pull it can't adjust up the way regular brakes do. On a bike 70% of the stopping power is on the front wheel, BUT, If you set it up this way with the dual pull then yer setting yourself up for disaster. Sure, It's cool as long as you don't hit any water, oil, gravel, ect, ect, ect. With just the dual pull set up 50/50, evenly on both wheels, then the first time ya gotta stop QUICK and there just happens to be a little sand, yer on yer bum. I've used the dual pull a lot and have found that if ya don't wanna die ya gotta set it up with the main stop power to the rear. The only other option is if you can grab yer wrench, jump in front of the bike at 30mph, And readjust the brakes for Oil, sand, ect, real quick before you hit the car or the car hits you.
    OH, Sorry. I just thought of another option. You could move to that magic city where there's no carp in the road.:jester:
    Stay safe Bro,
    Big Red.