Brakes used with Monark fork?


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5:30 AM
May 20, 2008
I was about ready to buy the $40 springer fork from spooky tooth last night, when the much more beautiful monark fork caught my eye. Would have bought it, but I plan on putting front brakes on my bike and couldn't figure out what I can use with that fork. Anybody here got one and use brakes?
I have a Worksman drum brake working on one. The brake ended up turned up/over 90-degrees from where it normally mounts, but it works.

The Monark looks nice but I would not recommend it if you plan on riding very hard. It seems to flex quite a bit.

Also the Monark seems to use an obsolete wheel width in its normal setup--fromt wheels now are usually 100mm wide, and the Monark (assembled properly) is only about 70mm wide. The way the original bolts are set up, I do not see how they would NOT come loose during suspension travel. The originals must have been different somehow.

I have one photo on this page showing how I set mine up:
I moved the lower (silver) plates to the outside of the forks, and used some regular bolts+washers+bronze bushings to make it all fit. The slots where the axle goes in had to be widened as well, because the Worksman front axle is thicker than usual. And there's still a bit of play in the forks, but it basically works at ~25mph if you are gentle on the bike and the road is smooth.

I have mentioned elsewhere that on washboard roads, the Monark fork blades tend to flex forward instead of the suspension springing upwards. This may be partly because I leaned the fork angle further back than normal. I may switch back to using the original Worksman fork at some point (perhaps with an added-on cosmetic stiffener).
I have the Monark fork. Did you have a problem with the bolt head hitting the spokes when you put the chrome bracket on the outside? I was thinking of using stove type bolts what do you think? How large of bushing did you use?