broken spokes



I keep breaking spokes :/

I am trying to locate 12 gauge I am wondering if it would be easier to just replace the wheel itself as the one is cheap.
yes replace the wheel , treat her like you love her , buy her some nice things a new set of rims would be a great start! :eek:

me I like Alex Rims AT450 Wheelset and they wont brake your wallet :D
yes they are,Alex Rims has some great mountin bike wheels also that are budget friendly
It is not very hard to lace so-so, it just takes time and being in a meditative state for me to do it well.

Put and old front fork in the bench vise, then play at adjusting an old wheel. There are several tutorials on line covering wheel lacing/truing.

Straightening a badly bent wheel by tightening some spokes loads the spokes unevenly and those can work to the point of breaking.

Tying the spokes toughens the wheel and keeps spokes that do break from flopping around.

My two cents. :)