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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by dougsr.874, Jan 31, 2010.

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    I have had this engine for about 18 months, and except for the following problem I have been very pleased with this engine. So much so that I have just bought another kit from Bicycle-Engines....I am on the 3rd recoil starter, I have found that when the engine is cold and the outdoor temp is in the lower 40's or below the engine seems to kick-back somewhat on the initial pull of the starter. When I took the old starter apart it looked like the spring had been partially unwound?????Does anyone know what is causing this....????

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    Hi dougsr.874,

    I have had more problems with the Honda motor "kicking back" than the HS motor. I have taken several of the rope starters apart and the spring is real soft where it attaches to the assembly. I usually cut a couple of inches off where it is soft and re-bend to fit back into the plastic hub. You must be careful when re-bending or it will snap [break]. It appears to stop them from unwinding.

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    I pull the engine through a couple of cycles slowly before I start it and then pull it until it feels like it is at the beginning of the compression stroke before a quick pull to start and I do not have problems with kickback (starts every time). If I do not pull it through, it is more likely to kick back.
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    I had to take my starter apart 3 times and reassemble after less than 2 months of ownership. The spring kept coming out from underneath the spring casing. Since I had a new one coming I fixed the old one my way. Wound the spring back in and JB Spot Welded the outer hook in place. The next day I took a lid from a butter container and cut a piece to fit in the housing with a hole in the middle to fill up the loose space on the bottom. Sprayed some silicone on both sides, so it would move freely. Once inside the case wind 2 full turns plus enough to allow the handle to be tied. It's been 3 days, and it feels better than when brand new. Mysteriously though I can't figure out why I'm not having the kickback problem anymore. The starter should not have anything to do with that unless the starter is moving more freely now. It also starts easier too, usually on the first pull. It's just weird.
    prior to the spring problem one of the engaging arms broke, but I fixed that with a piece of coat hanger.
    It has been cooler here though.
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