Cruiser,Comfort or Mountain Bike pros and cons

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sly, May 18, 2007.

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  1. sly

    sly Guest

    Hello I have been lurking on these boards for the last couple of weeks (new member here) and have not seen any one compare the various styles of bikes and there pros or cons. I thought this might be a good topic for all of us new users that are on the fence as to which style to go with, and some of the more experienced MB'ers could give us there knowledge on the subject. This is the way I see it Cruisers= old school looks and a more laidback riding style my question is are they too heavy not as nimble how much does the springer front absorb? any good aluminum cruisers out there? and which is better in your opinion steel or aluminum and why? next Comfort bike more laidback than mountain bike better shocks no coaster brake more gears.

    I have to say I am torn between cruiser style and comfort and the Comfort bikes technical advantages Please help. Also how whacky has anyone been OFF ROAD with a good mountain bike and one of these motors. I live in a mountain area and the idea of having an bike that weighs 35-40 pounds with a motor makes for an intresting ride through the hills, alot of trails are rock laiden, would there be too much bouncing around and damage done to a motor in this instance? any hardcore mountain bikers please fill us in.

    And finally anyone have any new bike that the motor fit really well in and preformed well in? What I mean here is i know every bike is different and handles differently, have any of the more experienced users here rode some different bikes and said man that was the best handling/riding bike I have ever been on.... please pass on all knowledge to us noobs your experience is appreaciated thanks -SLY-

    Ps. I look forward to being part of your community :grin:

  2. Hugemoth

    Hugemoth Guest

    The first bike that I put one of the Chinese engines on was a large frame mountain bike, without shocks. It worked OK but vibration was very bad. I rigged up a dual rear sprocket by bolting a 60 tooth sprocket to the standard 44 tooth. It climbed very well but was a hassle changing sprockets.

    Next I put an engine on a $99 Kulana Moon Dog cruiser bike from Walmart. Very easy fit, very little vibration, and good brakes. I eventually built several of these bikes. We have often used these bikes on dirt and gravel roads with no problems except the fenders had to be removed because they crack and replaced the rear spokes with 12 ga.. This bike would be my choice for an easy project that works well.

    Can't tell you about the comfort bike since I haven't built one.

  3. sly

    sly Guest

    Moth thanks for the insight. Do you think that the vibration was in the frame on your first bike? so the kulana moon dog from wally world gets a thumbs up... That is what I'm looking for a list of bikes that the 70-80cc chinese motor fits in that can be purchased fairly reasonably and has held up well to use... I think there are alot of others who will find this helpfull. It looks like RC junkie had a nice build on a schwinn from sears.. Also about the spokes did you break the original spokes were the wheels aluminum? have they held up ok? thanks again -SLY- :grin:
  4. sly

    sly Guest

    Also has anyone here used any of the nirve cruisers how have they held up and what kind of quality are we talking about? I know there have been a couple of choppers swithcblades I think. I am wondering about the cruisers thanks.
  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    my nirve deviate with a lot of custom touches
    the bike seems pretty well made :D :D
    even tho I killed two seats (broken and lost springs) being overweight at 150lbs :shock: :evil: :evil:
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  6. Hugemoth

    Hugemoth Guest

    I think it is the frame geometry on the large frame that caused the vibration.

    Yes, I broke the original spokes on the Kulana although my daughter who is 100 lbs lighter hasn't had a problem. I have not had a problem with the aluminum rims.

    BTW, Pacific Bicycles makes Schwinn, Kulana, and other brands of bikes. They are all made in China using many common components.


  7. sly

    sly Guest

    Thanks azkronik and moth

    That is a great looking bike az... is the tank real or a faux tank? if its real you could about go across the whole usa on 1 tank :D thanks for the run down on the makes moth seems like nothing is made in the usa anymore huh.. so aluminum wheels are good to go just need stronger spokes. I am looking at a greenline querve from spooky and a nirve pyro for my bike any thought s on those bikes?
  8. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    Re: Thanks azkronik and moth

    thanks about the tank
    yes, it's real... 3.3 gal, good for approx 500 mi ! :D
    I have seen the quirve with a engine... looked good 8)
    haven't seen a nirve cruiser with motor yet, but, I think it would be pretty sweet 8)
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'll drop my 2 cents here...
    I built a Ross Europia (left) and a Western Auto Stores Western Flyer Grand Trophy (right)
    The Western Flyer has a "Shwinn type" frame like the Moon Dog (without the large dia. lower front tube) with the curved top bars, the Ross a 10 speed like frame. The Ross rides much smoother and vibrates 100% less.
    I thought maybe it was due to the frame being larger. Both engines are mounted the same way and the only difference between the two as far as far as how they were built (kit installation) is that the military (Ross) got the zipties to the spokes treatment.

    The WF frame does seem to be made of heavier gauge tubing, and is brazed together at the joints whereas the Ross is brazed but also employs sockets where the tubing meets.
  10. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    I can give a thumbs up for the moon dog but with a seat bar suspension and letting a little air out of the tires it really is smoother. I have only had a few tanks of gas ran through it but considering, I weigh 250 Lb's and still no loose or bent spokes, I would have to give it the thumbs up.
    I havent done any hard trail riding though.
  11. Sparks2056

    Sparks2056 Member

    Thanks Dockspa1 and Huge moth. I was at walmart earlier today looking at the moon dog and wandering if it could stand up to the engine. Awesome. That copper/orange color is sweet too...
  12. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    My sturdy mountain bike has been extremely reliable. Over 2k miles on that puppy and still running strong. I do some on and offroad action and it handles both no problem.
  13. fastboy9

    fastboy9 Member

    I've got a mountain bike and wouldnt swap it for anything! Its so versatile and comfortable, I could be riding on the road then see a shortcut through the woods and then just fly through it! It can tackle almost anything. Cruisers just look too uncomfortable for me.
  14. BSA

    BSA Guest

    Mountain bikes get the thunbs up from me aswell. I'm just go going to get a sprung saddle and raise the handlebars or fit them BMX type hadlebars. I don't like leaning right over the handlebars like I'm on a racing bike. I'd love to fit an engine to a raliegh 3 speed with drum brakes, Dynohub and brooks leather saddle.
  15. Demosthenese

    Demosthenese Guest

    I threw my "80" (65cc) engine on an expensive ~ mountain bike (800$) with good shocks. Once the whole thing was tight and solid, I rode it pretty hard off road. It's nice to know that grass and rough terrain are not a problem even with an engine at speed. I never found vibration was a problem, and I just stand up on my pedals on grass and dirt, so I guess you'd need seat post suspension if you wanted to stay sitting.

    I mounted my engine solidly to a steel plate and u-bolted that to my mountain bike, because the down tube on my frame is oversized (probably a common mountain bike issue), but if you drilled the frame, you might encounter issues if you came down too hard on it. Also, if you're going over grass and dirt and bumps for any extended period of time, things are going to come loose. Even with locktight. So it does mean that i have to check EVERY SINGLE BOLT before and after i use it hard. Probably a lot of people do that anyway even with cruisers, but they could probably miss a check once or twice and get away with it. Not so if you're putting it through off road stress.

    I can report that putting an engine on a mountain bike does not really take away any of its "mountainess" ie, comfy off road riding and the ability to take varied terrain. And it's HELLA fun to have the whole city as my playground, and not just the roads and paths. It's like a go-kart that goes ANYWHERE. :) I guess the main thing is that mountain bikes have thresholds of expense. Your shocks are almost always going to be the cheapest component on the bike, so if you're buying from a dealer, test those. The bikes overall goodness will probably be comparable to their performance.

    I have never put an engine on a cruiser, but i doubt i would feel comfortable riding one the way i know i ride my bike. These HT engines, in my opinion, cannot be used hard and kept pretty as well, so i'll never be riding one for looks. If you're planning on staying on the roads though, it's probably easier, prettier and more efficient to stock bolt an engine onto a cheap walmart cruiser that has gotten pretty good reviews from most of the people who seem to try them. If you all ready ride a mountain bike off roads and on, then don't worry about loosing that freedom once the engine's on. The resistance from the chain tensioner means that your lowest gear is more of an effort, but i've never found it that much harder to pedal the thing off road either. Just usually lack the willpower :p

  16. Mountain bike frame,bananna seat,ape hangers equal epic win!
    My bike the seat's back and I have BMX bars but one day.....
  17. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I have built mtn, chopper, and cruiser
    all rode differently, all posed different build challenges
    bsically it breaks down to this

    mtn = fast, light, nimble
    chopper = looks cool, heavier, harder to pedal
    cruiser = mid/fast, comortable, easy to control
  18. Hi,

    I use mountain bikes....built tough...light weight and if you have to or want to pedal, you have plenty of gears to choose from.

  19. SLR_65

    SLR_65 New Member

    Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser?

    Hi Guys,

    Neat site! I just found it . . . one of the guys at work came to work on one of these bikes today! Unfortunately he was out of town most of the day so he wasn't available for me to ask questions of over the noon-hour. I got home and started doing a little net surfing and was surprised at how reasonable these seem to be to build!

    I was thinking the 26" Men's Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser Bike from would make a nice donor (I would like the back storage rack to stick my lunch pail on). It looks like it may share a frame and mechanicals iwth the Moon Dog?

    Anyone use the Point Beach Cruiser?


  20. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I have a schwinn jaguar
    same frame but no fenders or back rack (I just like the blue/silver scheme better :D)
    it converts very easily
    I have also seen point beaches and they look nice all motored