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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by crabdance, Jun 1, 2008.

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    I don't know if anyone noticed but That'sDax prices went up by about $50.00 a kit. To me, that's a pretty hefty jump all at once. Will the market or the competition hold up to that jump in price? I know that originally I had planned to buy my kit there because they had the best price.

    I'm not "bad mouthing" Dax or anything like that. I've talked to Duane several times by email and he's a good guy. I'm just wondering what everyone thinks of the jump in price. What used to cost $218.00 a few days ago now cost $268.00.

    I'm not saying that it's right or wrong... just wondering what everyone thinks?

    (I hope this is in the right place)
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  2. eljefino

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    A week ago I was looking at a goboyfast kit on ebay. Then on tuesday I sold a riding lawnmower I picked up at the dump and fixed, so I had "mad money" and went to order it. Price had gone up $10. Figure that's probably somewhat fair, for shipping.

    If I read UPS's fuel surcharge rules correctly, they base it on energy dept highway fuel price data, which is a couple weeks delayed. So I could tell it was going to get worse.
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    Yea, everything is going up and I guess we all just expect it. And the makers of all the goods KNOW we expect it. I agree that the change in fuel prices increases the cost of doing business... but by how much. Are the prices going up at a fair rate?

    One thing I noticed the other day was this; When the price of oil goes up, it's reflected at the pump almost immediately. But when the price of oil dropped the other day, I did not see the prices go down any (sorry for the short rant). I know I'm not an economist but that just seems like some plain thinking stuff to me.

    I'm sure you are right about UPS. I believe that they are a company that is not trying to get over on us (don't know why) when it comes to costs.

    And that's cool about you getting the lawn mower and fixing it up. Wish I was that handy at stuff. I could probably make a dollar or two. :grin:

    Thanks for your comments, eljefino. I appreciate it!
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    When I joined here and read about the "smuggling" I said to myself, "this can't go on forever".

    Now I see catalytic convertors starting to appear, and I said, "that'll make 'em more expensive"

    Now China's in a bit of a fracas, and even though production of these horrid motors is spread out over a few factories, there is probably chaos in their railroads, ports etc.

    Reading on how UPS plans their routes to avoid left turns, they seem more efficient than even I myself can run things, and set the standard their competition has to meet. That is not to say that even today it costs $60 to ship 22 lbs of something that is already in a box, but that's ebay for ya. I applaud Dax for plainly listing prices with shipping included.
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    Yea, I heard about UPS and their right turns... talk about thinking outside of the box! And I agree about Dax plainly listing their prices. That is something that they should do anyway. As I said, I don't have a problem with Dax.. just wondering about the increase, that's all.

    And yea, ain't it funny about eBay? It's amazing how business is done there when you think about it.

    I guess I'm just a little disappointed by the increase in the price. It's all because I have been tight for money and have been saving my pennies for an engine kit, then BAM... they go up another $50! When you are saving pennies that's a big shock. Things have changed for me now, though. Someone has offered me a deal I can't refuse on a Kings Motor engine kit so I'm going with that now.

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  6. I see it this way. Everything is going up because we need fuel or America stops.
    That increase just pays the gas,but you make it all back in one season with all the gas you save.
    As soon as America discovers that a motoredbike is even cheaper to run these days than riding the bus to work,and is the fountain of youth,man,and when they find that they can actually afford to buy lunch thereby stimulating your local economy instead of Saudi Arabia,you'll find the prices everyone has to charge now for the fountain of youth is still very much quite the bargain.
    It's an investment for a total life change.
    The $ I spent on MOOP and Cronus was the best ever investment I had ever had to shell out. And with gas approaching 4 bucks a gallon and climbing,I figured 800 miles on cronus,2,000 miles on MOOP.
    2,800 miles divided by 15 (15 miles a gallon on my truck) is about 187 gallons of gas.
    2,800 miles divided by 160 (160 miles on the average on my motoredbikes) is 17.5 gallons.
    187 gallons minus 17.5 gallons is 169.5 gallons.
    And finally 169.5 gallons times 4 dollars a gallon is my final savings so far of $678.00!

    Dawgs. My bills were all zero'ed out before I decided to go to Duane's house to get that Titan saving on shipping and the bonus Duane install.
    I held back 4 bills that month. I'm slowly bringing it all back up again.
    It's WELL worth it.
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  7. crabdance

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    I have to agree LP. The price we are having to pay will cause adjustments in the way America does business.... like using motored bikes and building better cars. And I have to agree that prices going up will be measured in our ability to adapt and conquer. We are a resourceful nation and even if it starts with a grass roots movement with us motored bike types... at least that's something!!! I don't see anyone else coming up with an alternative that will get 150 - 200 mpg (although the prototypes are out there).

    Thanks for putting your 2 cents in. That is something that I needed to hear. This is just input that will make us change for the better. It will make us evolve. What a great way to look at it... in the long run we will win!

    I still don't have my engine kit yet but I will real soon. Once I do I can say that it's the smartest thing that I ever did :grin:

    Thanks LP
  8. JohnnyLoves

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    Personally, I can't wait till I see an American company fully manufacturing these motors. If someone could give us a nice looking frame mount 2 stroke engine with genuine American & German parts it would be definitely worth the money. On top of that, if more people bought said engine the price would come down dramatically, perhaps to the 200 dollars we all paid. Basically, it seems like there is a growing niche that a small motor company can fill easily.
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    I ordered mine just in time!! Friday

    I had a feeling this would happen, because so many vendors are sold out right now. :shock:They know people will pay the higher price for now, but, when all the sellers are full of inventory the prices will come back down.:smile:
  10. bbeards2

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    I can't wait for all these people who raise their price just to make more money, to be bit in the a$$ when they cant sell out of all the engines that they already have. Why ruin your good name by raising your prices up... not very smart, unless you care more about the pursuit of profit than the well being and satisfaction of your customers. Hats off to you for following a trend, I just figured being a major sponsor and well talked about figure on this site may have caused you to operate as a person and not just a greedy corporation.
  11. bbeards2

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    Any response from a certain vendor?
  12. Scottm

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    Being the shipping manager here at work, I use UPS software and several times a week I have to download the new rates. Last I knew Duane was making these kits that go with the motor so he could keep cost down, but with demand he may have to source it out.
    I manufacture steel security bars. 12 ga 1¼ square steel tubing. 80 20foot sticks cost me almost $100 more this month than it did last month. The price of cardboard that I package my products in goes up 20% about every 6 months.
    It's just doing business.
    I suppose he has to pay Small Business taxes as well (that the Dem's are dying to raise).
    Ya know, what was Henry Ford's first thoughts when he made his first car. Oh great now i can provide transportation to the masses, or oh boy I get to provide health care, stcok options, childcare, materinty leave, workmans comp, 2 weeks paid vactaion, 2 weeks paid sick days and keep a team of lawyers on hand to face lawsuits like sexual harassment because some jerk off employee can't keep his mouth shut and his hands to himself.
    There's my 1 cents worth, the other cent got taxed.
  13. crabdance

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    Hi Scottm, I understand completely. I know that the price of business is going up all the time. It always does. Sorry the cost is going up for you as well. Guess I'm just frustrated a little. Everything is just going up so fast. It's hard to keep up, ya know? I wasn't trying to take a shot at Dax... it might have seemed that way but that's not what I meant. I was saving up for a kit and it was a shock that the price went up while I was trying to save up. I know that everyone has to pay the price for doing business, and Dax is no different. I was just surprised that a $200.00 kit went up by $50.00... that's all. ($$$ are approximate)

    I agree with what you said about Henry Ford too. If only he knew where it would all end...
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  14. HoughMade

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    If there was a short supply and plenty of demand- I would think a guy was nuts if he did not raise his prices. I don't know if that is the case here.

    In my profession, in some cases, my rates were the same for 5 or more years as costs went up- then I raise the rates close to market- and people complain.

    These are businesses we are talking about, not some sort of non-profit engine distribution consortium. Profit is the motive. Good customer relations are very important and one key part to continued profit, but make no mistake that profit is the driving force. From where I sit, that is a good thing.
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  15. turbo/chaos

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    ok im not trying the be a vender on the post i am going to put up on this part

    ok so please dont bash me for helping you guys out im not spaming im just puting it out there since i have contacts

    ok you guys the time is now (i am leting only mbc members)

    have the kits at a fixed price of $195 a pop thats with shiping price and tax but only one per person ok no i whant 2or 3 kits this is a one time deal

    since every one whent up on prices all make it easy just pm me and all help you MBC guys out (only MBC)

    hey moderators please dont bash me just take it to hart and see that i am just trying to help people out

    thank you turbo chaos of Gaijin MB productions
  16. crabdance

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    Good deal Turbo... I think it's a great deal. I can't do it myself because someone just gave me an engine kit. But I think anyone should grab that deal before it's gone. Great price!
  17. bbeards2

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    I'm not trying to sound like a jerk here but maybe the company should look into fixed cost and variable cost I'm sure you guys understand how it works. Here is a formula that the dax team can use as a better way to change pricing rather than a 50 dollar increase on its products.
    (Fixed Cost + Target income) Divided by (Contribution margin per unit) this should give you the amount you will need to increase each individual unit based on your expenses that are required. As business men you should understand that your margin of safety will provide you with a quick means of estimating at any levels of sale.
    Margin of Safety= (Actual sales)-(break even sales)
  18. eljefino

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    Guys these engines are just like commodities, they are priced upon replacement value. Apparantly it's harder to get them right now.

    It's like complaining that a local gas station jacks their rates when a pipeline blows up in Nigeria, and that shouldn't affect prices for a couple of weeks. The inverse is also true; if a gas station owner is sitting on gas he overpaid for and everyone else goes down, he has to cut his loss or be "stranded" with that expensive gas when the volume seller goes down immediately.

    Personally I'm going to buy a Kulana Moon dog and just set it aside; I can return it to WM in 90 days and it seems like a good buy right now. Mark my words I bet THEY are going to go up in price too... and not just the motor bike crowd.

    Be HAPPY these things are so popular, it means more people are "getting it".

    Personally my riding, as much fun as it is, is a political statement that "people should be riding these"... that I have chosen myself to be that rider is only a tangent to that belief.
  19. turbo/chaos

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    Yeah gas is going up and that means everything will go up even wally world soon so get a bike for cheap while u can and get what u can get for cheap while it is there me im geting a ebike also just for the fact that it is goibng to be goping up in price very soon
  20. turbo/chaos

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    Yep im at wal mart right know and the price of some bikes have already gone up 10 bucks sofar so yeah they are going up if you are asking how im doing this I am on a sidekick phone that has internet and a keyboard setup