Dizzy from riding at night?



Do any of you guys get dizzy at night, when riding on rural/remote unlit roads?

I have had this happen every time I have gone riding at night. I don't notice it on the motor-bicycle, and I have no problems steering at all--the roads I was on were mostly straight, and I was riding straight along them. I don't even notice it until I stop and try and step off the motor-bicycle, and darn near fall on my butt trying to lift my leg over.

I don't get it at all if I stick to city streets (that have streetlights), and even odder is that I often go bicycle-riding at night on the same unlit roads, and haven't ever had the same problem, even though I use the same kinds of headlights. And I don't ever get dizzy the rest of the time, either.

I have two headlights on the motor-bike (Cateye EL-530's, 1W LEDs I think) but they don't cast real wide beams. I don't know that it's really a "problem" so much as a nuisance, but would better headlights cure it?



Bilateral vestibulopathy occurs when the balance portions of both inner ears are damaged. The symptoms typically include imbalance and visual disturbance. The imbalance is worse in the dark, or in situations where footing is uncertain. Spinning vertigo is unusual. The visual symptoms, called "oscillopsia", only occur when the head is moving (J.C., 1952).ive had this and as soon as i tried no lights in a moonlight night i didnt have the same thing as when i drove with 2 led lights......?:eek:imho go see a doctor!reason i know about this is i would get this walking in a darkhouse following outside lights and become unbalanced,i was a pro extreme fighter for most of my life and from getting puched in the head thousands of times i damaged my inner ear workings.and id get it while riding sometimes ive fallen off my bike at a garage and couldnt get up for a few minutes but once i get stable with my eyes and grounding it comes back.
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