Engine trailer?


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Nov 6, 2008
What does everyone think about engine trailers like this one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8rEFRnb778
The bike is still pedal assisted, so technically in some states wouldnt require registration or insurance. However, I'm sure these are much larger than 50cc
I wonder if police would know it?
I don't think it's a good design. The engine trailer can go side to side and throw you off-balance. Imagine that at 20mph and it can be a disaster. Maybe that's why the guy in the video had a full face helmet.
I have built two pusher trailers now, both 6.5hp and keeping the engine low to the ground and using two tires on the trailer kept it pretty well balanced in my opinion.

I set it up so it pivoted on the seatpost and this design seemed to work very well around sharper turns (think tractor trailer).

In cruising around with it, maybe ~100 or so around town, I did not see any downfalls with it, except for the fact it turned ALOT of heads while using it.

I was averaging about 80mpg with it, and it could easily take off from a dead stop going uphill without any pedaling.

See my gallery for close up pics of it, and feel free to contact me for any further information!

Regards, Steve
even though I have never ridden a pusher type

I think the THING looks great

that was a pretty good dirt hill he went up there
thinking his top speed -- is pretty high

note -- a slightly different kind of riding MB for sure
just a little something to get used to

my buddy down the mountain build one many years ago
that THING gave him a lot of trouble free service
all home made B&S 3hp ----- VERY SOLID SETUP

I would like to build one someday with possibly a 4 to 10 hp

one heck of a -- ride that thing
I haven't ridden one either. I like the fact that with the spin if a wingnut you can leave your power plant at home. Like any style of MB's, i'm sure there's advantages and disadvantages. I do know with the proper engine and centrifical clutch set up you could get 10 years of trouble free riding. It sure looks fun.
Comparing it to my frame mounted HT 66cc setup, the fact that there is NO vibration at all in the bike or handlebars wins the fight for me.

Also, being that it is so powerful, I found that it only took a tiny little bit of throttle above idle to get going and keep going. This in turn made for a very quiet ride!

One note though, I udes an axle with a full keyway on it and started with onely one wheel key in, this had the wheel spinning when I goosed it. BUT, when running with both wheels keyed to spin by the engine, it had very good traction!

No regrets whatsoever.....

By the way, 6.5hp was plenty, and I mean plenty of power for me, and I weigh in right about 230 pounds.
s_beaudry, your trailers look great! I just wonder how the law would be driving that around town. definately well over 50cc
hi; search briggs style ---i built a motored occ chopper in one hour by cutting the power unit including wheel off and attatching with one bolt through a dropuot. it started i twisted the throttle and scooted off. this aint rocket science unless you are softride. mitch