Expansion Chamber vs Poo Poo Pipe

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by steelfan41, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. steelfan41

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    I have a HT & I'm looking to upgrade my exhaust. The 2 items that I find are the expansion chamber and the poo poo pipe. They are both priced the same, so which would be best for my bike? I am building it for hill climbing, so I want torque and lower end power. Thanks in advance, Walt.

  2. adrian101

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    I have both, I have a SBP expansion chamber and a poo poo pipe.

    Poo poo helps top end power and on take off. I've noticed with the poo poo pipe i lost 5kmh in speed. What type of bike do you own? coaster or Mountain bike? I had to mod mine to fit a coaster bike as the peddle gets in the way.

    SBP expansion chamber works well all round. Easier to fit to any bike frame.

    If you're building it for hill climbing i suggest a 54t sprocket or a sick bike parts jack shaft kit. (which runs off the gears on the bicycle)
  3. steelfan41

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    Thanks for the response. I couldn't really find any info on the Poo Poo except it was in several shops "performance" areas. I have a HT mounted on a Schwinn Cruiser. The expansion chamber should be a good fit.
  4. HeadSmess

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    how can it give better top end power whilst losing 5km top speed?

    just from that comment id be going expansion chamber rather than poo poo...

    >>>doesnt care cus he has a TIG and 0.5mm stainless sheet :D now if only my stuff wasnt all packed into a container...
  5. adrian101

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    Sorry should have said, helps reach top end faster, I noticed with my bike itself i was losing a speed of 5 km/h once i place that pipe on my engine. with same normal weather conditions as i normally rode when my bike was producing a higher speed reading.

    When i got the sick bike parts chamber i gained the 5 km/h back with an extra 4 km/h as my engine is now correctly tuned to give me its best performance.

    If you can afford the SBP chamber then that's the best upgrade apart from the shifter kit. :D