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    Hello to the forum, I'm Matt aka Sportsman Matt, from Blackstone MA.

    I've been dabbling in different types of things, from the unusual to the odd, my last project was rebuilding a 50cc scooter a few weeks back.

    I sort of became facinated with the "old school" looks of the old 1900's to 1930's motorcycles and the early period 1900's to 1916 motorcycles were really motorized bicycles, which is really old school style, which I found neat to combine with today's technology.

    Amongs things I also camp out both in a RV and tent it on occasion, do a lot of fly fishing in remote areas, and was working on a way to get in further to the woods a little faster than hiking in.

    Nothing like a good fishing trip out in the wilderness where you have to ride in, set up camp, fish for a couple days, break camp, and ride out.

    But I also experiment, I enjoy building stuff rather than buying, and I found that technology from the 1890's-1930's is very crude but cool.

    So I'm looking now, but maybe this spring going to build up something like an old board racer style similar to a pre WWI Harley or Indian.

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    Hi Matt, welcome to Motoredbikes!