Extra work on new build: Huffy- Panama Jack

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by CHEWY60, Feb 13, 2013.

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    I bought a Huffy-Panama Jack Cruiser at Walmart a year ago. It has been always kept out of the rain in the barn when not in use. Now that I'm ready to do my 1st motorized bike build I notice how most anything chromed on the bike is rusting majorly including the handle bars. I will now have to sand & paint before I even begin. This is the quality we get today from China - JUNK. My sis has a 1960's Huffy Cruiser, Guess what only some very tiny rust pin marks in some places on the chrome & this bike has sat outside lots of times in the weather & it's almost 50 years old. You already know where it was built, Yep in the Good Ole USA.

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    You might try some extra fine steel wool on that chrome first before you sand and paint. If it comes off like I think it might, then get some hardshell turtle wax and rub it in real good on the chrome after you have wooled it. That should slow down any rust build up and make it more water proof.
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    Thanks. I'll give that a try for the handlebars. I figure i'll just paint the fender mounts to match fenders & frame: flat black
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    OP better beef up those walmart fenders or get rid of them. Huge problem those coming off and putting a hurt on the rider.
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    The bike was probably stored in a damp box, or location, you should contact Huffy, their product people will probably send you another bike Yes, today's chrome sucks, look at the fuzzy chrome on a Worksman wheel . I'd pay more for ' show ' chrome [ more copper, more polishing ]
    Bought the wheels for the Huffy Cranbrook, as I had no faith in the stock bicycle wheels, and tires . Wheels are the worst chrome on the bike. Later, I bought a new Worksman, same fuzzy wheels, again, the worst chrome on the bike.
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    I agree that the superficial rust should come off with some chrome polish (try it first), CLR or steel wool if it is thick. Once you motorize that PJ, corrosion will be less of a problem since you are tightening bolts and lubing more often. Darwin's theory on fenders is good advice. Add stronger fender struts and maybe even bob the fenders.
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    soda works beater then chrome cleaner to clean cheep chrome. Poor it on, let it sit, and use steal wool to clean it off. Works fast and is way more cost effective.
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    Chewy, please make sure the wheel bearings are repacked after sitting in the weather that long. Heck, if it was a china build , they may of not had that much grease to begin with?
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    Thanks for all the gr8 tips people. Just about ready to start the build. Got my made in USA hardened steel bolts & engine studs in today from Sick Cycles to replace the made in China studs,etc on motor. Picked up some 5x thicker slime filled tubes & kevlar tires at my local Wally World today. Now I just need to get to my local auto store to get: wheel bearing grease,anti seize, white lithium grease, loctite,gasket material,gasket gel,& something to coat inside of gas tank ( which arrived already with patches of rust inside it)and start building. Just hope when it's all done my local 75 strong police force doesn't hassle me. Lets put it this way: A local man was found stabbed to death - 5 stab wounds in the back. Our police determined it was a suicide. Gotta love Texas.