Finished 2d build "ChromeStallion"

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  1. learned a lot from the "Red Peril" build .... the "Chrome Stallion" is much improved I think.
    Pics highlight the bike plus special features like :

    1. Black jacketed Harley handlebars
    2. custom mounted speedo
    3. modified clutch lever hold button that keeps lever fully depressed toward grip
    4. chrome bulk up jacket on kickstand
    5. chrome jacketed extension on muffler for looks and throaty sound
    6. really silent engine chain with no needed idler wheel
    7. peddle tension is maintained with the idler wheel from engine chain
    8. modified coaster brake arm and counter sunk hex bolts on sprocket to allow an inch of clearance from engine chain and tire whitewalls. (If you use whitewalls, chain clearance to protect against rub PLUS grease splash is even more critical than using blackwalls. My opinion is at least a full 3/8ths away from sidewalls is necessary to stop both problems.)
    9.Selected bike was especially picked for the springer front end looks and operation.
    10. Easy on the butt 12x12 Back Trails saddle.
    11. custom tank trim with Excaliber sword medallion (my thanks to Jim Bakker for this one !)

    Other features are the 40 tooth sprocket which I think outperforms the 44 tooth and lets you avoid the 36 toother which I tried and removed due to lack of any real torque on this bike. The bag rail has thru bolts into the rear bobbed and lifted fender which greatly sturdies it up to almost motorcycle rigidity. The standard trick of rubber mounted thru bolts on the gas tank to eliminate the shoddy look of those straps was used on both builds. The bulked up chrome gascap is just one of those billet style oil cap covers sold in all auto parts stores. The shortened gas throttle cable to end the over curve and over length was done by clipping off the barrel insert at the throttle sleeve, feeding cut cable onto a (nerf? durp?) ...heh, whatever those barrel n screw ends are called , then dremeled to cut off the screw top and turn into a barrel insert for the sleeve slot.

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  2. Butch

    Butch Guest

    Nice lookin bike. I like it a lot. Good job.

  3. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Beautiful bike! Nice clean looking build.
  4. az cra-z

    az cra-z Guest


    That chair (or table?) leg over the kickstand is a GREAT idea! I learn something at this site every day! :grin:
  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    very nice job :)
    some excellent ideas there :D:D
  6. To az-craz

    heh, the chrome kick cover is actually one side end of the original handlebars I cut off when modding to the Harley cycle bars (what a pain too !) But the rubber tip IS in fact a chair leg end ! ... and for everyone else who read how forgetful i am those screw and barrel things are called Zirks. ,,, heh it occurs to me I got the word durp from South Park !
  7. Thanks Butch, I appreciate the encouragement
  8. Thanks Az ... I get a lot of em but I guess that poster who said "a picture is worth a thousand words was right .... trying to explain a bulked up kickstand for example is a lot easier with a pic ....
  9. beast775

    beast775 Guest

    great build

    excellent lines,looks like a factory build.but it would take them a couple mnths to get it to that point.very good job.:shock:
  10. Yeh Beast, the problem would be in the making of more than one style ... after 2 beach cruiser builds you can breath easier if you're going to keep using 1 speed beach cruisers. but every other bike style makes you start from scratch again I think .... the throttle to my mind is probably the only one truly generic part that makes the transition easily no matter what your building from 3 wheeler to 15 speed racer .... all else calls for the typical ' back to the drawing board' timeout.
  11. alesterfeind

    alesterfeind Guest

    Love it! How well do those springer forks work? Do they help smooth things out? I am thinking to add those to my bike rather than use suspension forks.

    Also, could you send head on view picture to see how you mounted the front brake to that fork?

    Again, great bike!
  12. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    I want one !!! lol

    I love the style - especially that fuel tank :) now I have a use for all those old athames ...

    Jemma xx
  13. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Very nice, put together, package there.
  14. very cool setup - I bet it rides as nice as it looks...
  15. larymor

    larymor Guest

    Excellent !
  16. To Alesterfiend

    I'll post a pic of the brakes as soon as I take that shot .... The springer suprised me because I liked it for the looks only and didn't even consider that they actually work ,,,, actually, I tightened the front spring nut a few turns because it was actually working TOO well. the action is adjustable from spongy springy to totally rigid by adjusting the large spring nut at the tip of the spring shock absorber.
  17. Now here's irony ! I was proud of my Christian sword symbol that could easily be construed as Wiccan ! ... pride goeth before a fall !
  18. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    that is one nice build fella!
  19. Looks like cold rainy mornings are on the agenda for awhile so I thought I'd answer your front caliper brake question without the pic for now since I won't be going over to my storage site till the mornings clear up ... the front caliper on both builds (at least for the 2 one speed beach cruisers I used were the same except the Red Peril bike provided no predrilled hole into the handlebar stem to attach the caliper brakes. A hole is usually at the very bottom of the steering post because thats where the front fender hanging tab is supported from. But some beach cruisers don't have the hole because some cruisers use a different method of supporting the front fender, some cruisers don't come with front fenders, or as in the case of Chrome Stallion, the springer front end moves, so a fender needs to float on and is attached by, only its 2 sets of struts. You attach front calipers with the long bolt and nut provided in the new caliper package and you also hang the fender tab hanger to that same bolt as well. Drill your own hole to accept the caliper bolt by feeling with your finger tip to see that the very bottom 1/8 of the steering tube is clear and hollow without any obstructions or welds to block a clean hole drilling. If you use a beach cruiser with front suspension like my Stallion, I recommend you do repeated tests to deliberatly have the shock spring active as you apply your front caliper just to be sure the travel of the wheel rim isn't affecting the brake pads operation ... tighten your shock spring down a little if occasionally during a bumpy ride your pads are 'missing' the rim due to shock absorber travel of the wheel.
  20. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Beautiful, classy ride man.