First Build! need some help!

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  1. Luis D.

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    Hey there guys, first I want to say that the reason I'm doing this is because I've always been fascinated with motorized things, but do to the fact that I lived in an apartment, the land lord would always B**** about me doing anything! my family has moved to a house finally and it's now about time to have some fun!

    First here are my ideas;
    old 3 speed
    4 stroke, 127cc Briggs and Stratton 4hp engine
    some good speed
    maybe some sweet jumps haha

    anyways I just picked the engine from an nice old man who was throwing away his edger, of course, I tried starting it but it didn't, than I took a closer look and realized that the carburetor was not even attached properly, so I need some of the screws! Where can I find parts for this engine? And also how can I tell if it has even a slight amount of potential to run! I would just buy a new engine but this is a good opportunity to learn! And no offense to those who use kits, but I think this way is much more fun! Thanks for reading!

    I will post pictures of the motor as soon as I figure out how!

  2. professor

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    If you don't weld and have much in the way of tools- get a kit.
    Briggs engines are great though.

    The old 3 speeds I am familiar with are the lightweight English bikes. The brakes are a joke- caliper brakes will get you seriously hurt or killed on a power bike. Think V brakes or better.
    (I am using one of those Sturmey Archer 3 speed hubs as a jackshaft.)

    I suggest using any kind of mountain bike, preferably w/a steel frame.
    It will have v brakes a stronger frame and fat tires (maybe even a suspension fork). Steel rims are stronger than alum. and will take pot hole shots better.
  3. bteneriello

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    I would think you might have some luck finding parts on ebay