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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Nevada, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Nevada

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    motor bike.jpg

    This is my first build. It's a little closer to completion now that when the pic was taken, but this is essentially what it looks like. It's a HBBC frame with a kit engine from Jakes. Spring loaded chain tensioner, billet rear sprocket clamp and and ignition is on. Tank has been painted matte black to match frame and front brakes have been installed. Waiting on a few upgrades from SBP. Expansion chamber pipe, upgraded petcock, NGK plug, better air filter, better plug wire, upgraded hardware kit. Not in a hurry to finish it because it's been too darn cold here in Northern Nevada. She'll be ready come spring time!

  2. wheelbender6

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    Nicely done. The SBP pipe should be a nice, effective addition.
  3. Leroybrown420

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    Get er done! Looks like you have a few wires to run and chain to finish. Bundle up and ride it. It's going to take a few tanks of gas to brake her in. Why not brake it in with your stock equipment and do your upgrades after the fact? You can then report back on the power difference from stock and modded accessories with a properly broke-in engine. You don't want any surprises this spring.
  4. Rockspider99

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    looking good, see you have some going there too :cool2:
    I second that, give her a good couple of runs now with stock goodies, warm yourself up and the motor.

    SANDSA Member

    Nice job,so far.Looks solid.I'm kinda regretting not going with the Jakes kit.No hurry here neither.That advise given is my strategy,kinda,for the most part ,keep it stock then after break in see what's needed.All week here it has been,like -15*f ,wind chill factor Brrr~. Bundle Schmundle..uuh sounds like great advise from our friend from ARIZONA!lol..Actually this weekend it should warm up a bit, high 40's but rain.I'll have to ride between storms.
  6. Nevada

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    I will take the advice guys. Thanks. I'll hold off on the SBP pipe, air filter and ngk iridium plug for now. I'm going to go ahead with the hardware upgrade and the better fuel pet cock though. I don't see where those are going to have any effect on performance. Was planning on getting it running last weekend. Saturday was take the wife out and celebrate her passing her state nursing exam. Sunday was in the plan, but work has been mentally draining me for the last month, so once I showered and got dressed I never went any further than from the living room to the kitchen all day. A couple of naps, some playoff football and a nice relaxing day at home with the wife and dog.
  7. Nevada

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    Wiring and chain is done. Came out pretty clean.
  8. Donavan321

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    That's a really CLEAN first time build. You won't regret your purchase! They're a blast, more fun than a mini bike, moped, etc. Awesome! Keep us posted, I want to see this when it's done!
  9. Nevada

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    Sure will. Every weekend I think I'm gonna get in the garage and finish I end up doing something else. Soon though!