First post and newbie question

peter nap

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2:12 PM
Mar 4, 2008
Hello everyone, I just found this site and love it.

I have an 07 Whizzer and have 122 miles on it now. I'm glad I found this place because the dealer wants to put synthetic oil in it now that I've passed 100 miles. I'll wait until I pass 500.

The dealer re jetted it with an 88 jet before I bought it. I haven't checked the plug yet but am happy with the way it runs so far.

I opened the restrictor plate and have good power. I'm not a lightweight at 195 and still have a top end of 46 on flat ground.

All in all, I sure can't complain.

The question.....My front belt is squealing some and if it even gets damp, won't hold well enough to start the thing. There was a tensioning kit mentioned in one of the threads. Should I order one.

The only issue I have with the bike is getting it going. It will not go on it;s own easily, without peddling. Is this a belt problem or just something I have to accept? do I tell what clutch I have?

Thanks !
Which Clutch?

Hi well you don't give us a clue where you are, but here goes! the clutches come in 90, 70, and 50mm INNER belt sheave diameters. The 50 is very small (like 2.25 dia), "Intermediate" shows a big difference between the pully and clutch hub, and the 90 is about one belt thickness smaller than the inner hub.

Synthetic oils, I understand that these can work very well, BUT I would NEVER put synth in a Whizzer before the 500 mile mark, if for no other reason, that the propensity of new Whizzers blowby in thier break-in period. This little reality would be greatly accellerated with a slippery synth.

Front belt, this belt needs to be nice and snug, and not slip.

If you have problems starting your bike, you'll have belt slippage upon takeoff, and hills also. This belt should NOT slip when turning rear wheel by hand, or kickstarting.

Adj ft belt, Other's with good ideas are welcome here, but my method is to cut a 2x4 in a very steep wedge when on the flat. one cut makes 2 wedges as you can use both pieces.

Remove beltguard.

Tap the wedge in behind the engine from the clutch side, to just above the chainguard on the other side. I use a rubber dead-blow (shot-filled) mallet for this purpose.

Loosen the LOWER motormount nut ONLY, and tap in the wedge till your belt is nice and snug.

Tighten the lower motormount nut (it is the one just above and forward of the Bottom Bracket), and tap out the wedge from the chainguard side.

(Now, I can't really recommend that you test ride with guard off, but that is what I do.)

Kick-start the bike, watch and feel for slippage. Then test ride, repeat if needed, and in my case I'll now re-install the belt-guard.

Ok Amigo, now it's done!

Thanks Mike!

I'm in Central Virginia BTW.

I had read your method of adjusting the belt in another thread. I'll try it this afternoon. I am also going to look at the belt tensioner. My dealer didn't know they made them, but after looking them up, decided to stock a couple.