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  1. zraickenator

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    well i live in laguna beach, ca. tiny little town where the cops have nothing to do except give out parking tickets, pull people over for tint, and bust up parties. cops are usually pretty harsh about the slightest little things around here. anyway, on my way through town today, i had to ride by city hall/the police station/fire station. as i get closer, i noticed about 10 cops/fire fighters standing outside talking. usually i kill the engine and peddle if i ever see a cop but this time i was curious at what they would do if they saw me riding my MB. I figured the worst they could do was give me a warning. so i go driving by and they all turn and looked at me. much to my surprise, when they they saw what i was riding, they pointed, smiled, and gave me thumbs ups! :grin: haha it was pretty cool.. so now im less paranoid when i go riding around

  2. Mountainman

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    you have larger mountain rocks than I do

    a while back when coming up to a pooolice (main) station

    forgot to turn engine off -- then realized what I was doing -- turned it off...

    that was in the next town over -- was told by another MB er

    they had stopped him over there and gave him a ticket and impounded his MB

    I am not up for that today because I just want to --

    ride that thing Mountainman
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    The day I took my first build out for a test drive I went by the police station.
    There was the chief, with his back to me, talking with someone. Suddenly he heared my 2 cycle engine coming up behind him, so he turned and looked at me. I waved and he waved back. Since then the same thing has happened with the other officers.

    I've never asked them, but it's clear to me that they don't regard this bike as any problem.

    One thing I have noticed, though, is that people wil point at some neighboring town and say something (stupid) like, "I know one place where they're banned. Don't even think about riding there." Of course, they're talking about those ridiculous pocket bikes that popped up a few years back.

    Looks like, if we just ride cool, the cops don't have any problem with us.
  4. s_beaudry

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    Thumbs up from the cops....

  5. Mountainman

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    well - thanks to those ridiculous pocket bikes
    we have two nearby towns who have banned all small MBs and such

    one of these towns is also well known for being
    very strick in other areas of the law or laws

    I do at times -- still have to ride through these places (towns)
    I try to make a point of --
    holding speed down
    pedalling a little when needed
    full stop at stop signs

    at a place where I hang out at times down in our town
    there is a stop sign in front of the building
    two MBers and one scooter come by there often
    these guys do not even come close to what is called a stop (ticket coming)
    just a few more giving MBers a bad name...

    makes it harder on us when we wish to ride that thing Mountainman
  6. SirJakesus

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    Great story, It's just a shame the laws aren't more uniform. Everybody within reason should be able to enjoy these great machines.

    People who ride on the roads either hot rodding or not following road laws should get a good shakeup from the cops, in a civilized manner of course. I figure, whats the rush? I'm on an MB to take it easy and enjoy the ride of a bicycle without the constant physical exertion of one.
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  7. fetor56

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    I'de like to have the power to give ANY idiot(car/bike/truck etc) my own on-the-spot punishment...........$$$fine...6 mths suspension.....your banned for life.
    Ofcourse i'de have to exclude myself from any punishment arrangement. :)
  8. I was at the corner today waiting for the light to change. Cars don't want to make that right on red when I'm there so I'm waving them on to go ahead and turn and they obliged. It got so I wasn't even looking at them any more. Just waving my hand to say go ahead and turn then I realized I was waving on a motorcycle cop.
    He just said "HI" and I said "How are you doing officer?" And as he made his right turn he said "Nice day!"
    Yea. Colorado RULES. I ride by the police stations all the time. I even go to public utilities every month to pay my water bill. It's the same building as the court house/police station.
    I get nothing but praise.
  9. grezm0nkey

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    zraickenator: i hope i get the same two thumbs and not two tickets when i start riding from downey to long beach and back for work......we'll see i guess
  10. bigkat650

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    I was thinking about this today...

    Ya know those bigger cities with the cops that ride the mountain bikes on patrol... We as a community should manufacture some top-of-the-line motorized version of the bikes... and really try to get the law on our side. ESP here in NY, where motorized bikes are illegal...

    I bet a bike cop would be a little happier if he had a dependable Honda strapped to his rear tire!
  11. SirJakesus

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    Theres nothing wrong with some extra power. I can't honestly say that my bikes are the right HP requirement for my sate but I ride them responsibly without being an undue road hazard. More power is definitely needed sometimes to keep yourself out of harms way but not stopping for a stop sign or red light in my book is just inexcusable in the name of saving a few seconds off of your travel time. I don't care what you drive/ride as long as you follow the laws of the road and travel safely. Whether you have a porche or a '98 celebrity you should take others safety and comfort into consideration before you perform any maneuvers on the road. It'd dangerous out there, being good ambassadors we should make ourselves as safe and responsible as possible. I understand irrisponsible drivers can drive one nuts (me included) but I don't want to cause a situation where I may be at fault in any of my vehicles. The possible loss of life, bad karma and monetary damages resulting from an incident just aren't worth it. Just let them pass and get the heck away from you so the other 95% of decent drivers will see you on the road with a smile.
  12. mikaleno

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    Hollywood/Silver Lake checking in.

    Yes, I've noticed the cops aren't interested in me anymore, I guess they got the word that we're no threat to mankind. Of course I'm riding cool and not breaking any traffic laws.
  13. mlcorson

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    This type of thread always surprises and disturbs me. I rode to a street fair today in local community in the next town. I drove through 3 different municipalities with seperate police departments in suburban St. Louis. I've seen police on every outing and never had a thought about being hassled. I drove up (engine on) at the street fair and the cops were manning the security entrance and I asked if there was bike rack where I could park my bike. The cop said: "You don't need to park it if you don't want to, you can just walk it around." If you've pushed the limit of what is legal in your state or commnuity, well I guess you've got reason to be paranoid. I would suggest finding out about local laws and acting accordingly and/or working to change them.
  14. zraickenator

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    its not that im pushing the limits of of what is legal, its just the fact that our town is so small and nothing ever happens here, so the police have nothing to do but drive around. (a cop gave my friend a parking ticket today because the meter expired as he was walking to his car). cops here will jump all over anything that is out of the ordinary. also, im only 18 and police love to hassle kids.
  15. Irish John

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    There's a small workshop in Libya that, for a price, can fit Exocet missiles onto cars and I was thinking of getting them to fit me up with one on the front and another on the rear. It's very helpfull when talking to police to be able to negotiate from a position of immense power!
  16. mikaleno

    mikaleno Member

    No need to be surprised or disturbed. This is still a gray area of the law. Two/three months ago I was pulled over by a motorcycle cop that asked me, "what are you doing riding that on the street"? He had to look in his vehicle code book and told me "this is a gray area of the law" and that I can go on my way.......So it seems some officers might have a different interpretation of the legality issue, that's all.
  17. proline20

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    My friend and I were riding late night when the traffic is nearly clear, he was behind me. Darn county mounty and 2 unmarked stop him and commence the hassle. I kept riding and pulled over a mile down the road. The 2 unmarked units did not stay with him long and did not bother me on the side of the road when they passed, speeding without their lights flashing. Volusia county, FL. I think the night shift needs manners.
    Our city kitties are all cool so far...
  18. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    Yeah, I can get it.
  19. Snax

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    I think it behooves any MB'er to know their local laws well enough to explain whether their bike falls within them. I know that my setup is officially not legal to ride on the road in Oregon due to displacement, but I also know that so long as I am not breaking any other laws, the issue is unlikely to be considered, much less checked in any credible way.

    That said, I obey the rules of the road most of the time, though I'm having a hard time forcing myself to stop fully for stop signs at right turns when there is no other traffic.
  20. machiasmort

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    Guy's, do what I did. Law in NY pretty much states that anything motor powered has to be registered. NY won't let me register my HT as a homemade class c moped. Cops aint deaf, so I hooked up a couple of leds for head and tail lights to my magneto (white wire). The bike runs and so do the leds!

    I follow the rules of the road and kill the motor when I happen across the traffic Nazi. Be observant!

    If and when I get pulled over, Sir you only heard it running so I had lights and people would notice me. Also I was on my way to private property (where it's legal to ride), I was warming it up at the same time.

    Bob from Blue collar bikes put up a nice post about quieting ht's down. I did everything he said and packed so loose steel wool in the exaust. My bike is super quiet now!

    If you act like a blow hole the traffic Nazi will be sure to treat you like one!!!