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  1. good morning (its like 2am here)... my names colton, i live in s. texas ... just got finished with my first attempt at a motorized bike ever and looking forward to probably going way over-board with making more (and perfectly ok with it)
    anyways it said that i had to post here first so here i am... i posted a picture in the photo section and will put up more angles when im at the computer that has my photos on it... look forward to meeting, sharing, and learning from all of you and im glad im here.

    if you have any questions feel free to ask.

  2. terrence

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    Hi Colton Welcome! I like your green machine. Its always interesting when canablizing
    multiple machines to make one good one. Yours turned out great. Glad your here. terrence
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    G'day & welcome.
  4. why thank you both much ... i appreciate it.