GEBE: First install, first ride, loves and hates

I'm using the original thumb throttle that came w/ my setup... for me it's been excellent and the black ball has never threatened to come undone. The ball is locked in place with a counter-nut. Only annoyance is the cover has split twice. I'll fix that w/ more metal and spray the underside w/ a thick coating of bedliner (rubberized) paint. I've had this 40 tanaka for over a year.
Way to go !!
I like the throttle clip cause I can move it around so my hand doesn't get so tired. My little ball hasn't fell off yet, but as soon as I say that it will fall off LOL !! I am using my original 14g wheel and all is well at 275miles. I zip tied right at the start. I did the same as you yesterday trying to get my belt in the center of the looks great going down to the ring gear but I cant get it centered on the clutch keeps going towards the engine. It doesnt look really snug, but it is against the inside of the gear and I am noticing very slight one spot looks like a few strands of peach fuzz and the side of the belt is showing some white lines all along it in spots 4-8 inches long. I tried moving engine over but it wont budge..loosened bolts too. I also moved the legs up and down...don't know what else to I gave up.

Here's what I had to do to get my belt tracking right. The only thing that would work for me was to remove the engine from the mounting "legs", and file the two engine mounting holes out so that they were oblong. Then all I had to do was loosen the engine mounting nuts with a box wrench while mounted, and I could then "turn" the engine to the right or left. At that point, I enjoyed perfect belt tracking. I find myself having to re-adjust every couple weeks....but then again, I ride the heck out of

I tried everything.......lastly I loosened the engine bolts and tried to rotate the engine back and may have moved ever so slightly I'm not sure. The belt still rides the outside of the gear somewhat but there is no more belt dust on the bracket. I plan to just ride the thing and see what happens to the belt over time. I bought an extra belt just in case. If I experience premature belt wear, I'll try your idea. Thanks.
Yeah....I'm just gonna ride and see how the belt fares, then make a decision on what to do...Roys ream em out, or I can try sams adjustment to the frame mine is frame mounted.
Yeah...any way that you are able to rotate the engine slightly one direction, or the other, and lock it in the position when the belt is tracking chiefly in the center of the drive gear will work. I found it wierd that GEBE recommended loosening the engine mount bolts to rotate the engine, when the holes are barely big enough for the mounting studs to go through them, and the engine can't be rotated, unless you file the holes out, and elongate them. Then adjustment is a snap. ;-) By the way...I'm sure that it also impedes performance with the belt not tracking properly. That will cost you a mph or two.
Yeah ! I read that too..about loosening the engine bolts and it will move. Not unless you ream em out first...I was tapping mine with a rubber mallet..then got to thinkin...when I put it on there was no slack in those gives? EH??

While I agree there was no play on those bolts, I got a very slight rotation by loosening the nuts and giving the engine a good twist. I was able to align the square part of the engine bracket parallel to the tire. I'd say maybe a movement of 1-2mm or so. I believe this small movement helped. Originally I was getting belt dust building up on the bracket, the problem has not reoccured. Then again.......maybe I chewed the rubber off and I'm cutting into the strands now. :oops:
A visual inspection of the belt reveals some white line on the edge.......but it looks just like the new belt I received from GEBE. hey......are these new belts sealed in plastic or did they send me a used belt? ( wrapped with a rubber a padded envelope) :confused:
I got slight movement on the motor too, just a tad but it proved helpful in allignment coupled with a washer behind the drive gear. Mine came in a padded envelope as well... no fear, the belts are brand, spanking new!
BTB the belt you recieved from GEBE look used? My goodness...I hope not, cause I just ordered one as if we have a choice to get them elsewhere. Na..I'm sure it's a new belt. Pssst....I'll let you know if mine comes in a sealed plastic bag or not. ;)
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Some Different Methods...

1. Toss the black knob and replace with SS acorn nut.

2. SS washers can be placed between the gear wheel and inside of engine clutch case (housing) if the belt needs to move away from tire. If opposite - toward tire - washers at axle will adjust.

Of course, if the belt is not centered, one can also look at the axle to be sure not bent or the drop outs are correctly welded parallel to frame center-line and equidistant from frame center. No end to what may be alignment problem with certain brands.


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