GXH50 carb leak



Should I be getting petrol running through my air filter when I turn the petrol on.

I have taken the carb apart and checked the needle? to see if it sticks, every thing seems fine, but who am I to know.

Sorry for such a daft question.

I have that prob with a honda generator motor I want to put on a bike. I'm planning on just replacing the carb.
Thanks for the advice Alaskavan and HoughMade, I have 3 carbs and they all do the same thing,leak.

I think this relates to the carb so I hope I am not going off topic.

On Sat I stripped down my engine rebuilt it and it started on first pull
but it cut out as I was setting up a throttle cable setup.

When I tried to restart it took about 10 pulls but ti was going great guns I tried stopping and starting again but would not go for love nor money, I think the carb is flooding the engine, could I be right.

I removed the air filter and gave the engine a couple of turns, petrol spluttered out all over the place, is this normal.

Is the float easy to fix?

I don't know how easy it is to fix, but it is easy to get to. Take the bowl off and see what is going on. One thing I have run into on other engines (not Honda) is a crack or hole in the float allowing it to fill with gas and stay open all the time.
I have taken the carb apart cleaned nozzles and checked the float.

When I blew through the petrol intake and lifted up the float it cut off the air, it does this fully assembled and when tipped upside down, would this indicated the float is fine?
It would seem to be fine. If it were me, I'd put it back together and see if it still leaks.
I do not know whats going wrong,air should be drawn in through the air filter and past the carb, is this right.

When I take the airfilter off and turn the engine over petrol spray and exhaust smoke come out of airfilter side. Sorry for my ignorance but is this normal?

I apologise for daft questions I suffered an injury and I have to relearn things.

Don't sound right to me. Is the exhaust restricted? I'd pull the muffler and see if it will run. I don't know much about these engines, but my other thought would be a problem with valves.
I hope I have found the problem, i managed to forget to include the lifter collar to the lifter valve assy, now I simply cannot remember where the collar goes.