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    Found you by looking around the net for groups in my area that have bicycles with motors. I have seen two others around here and I think it would be great to ride with others, I have a 69cc motor and i have used it to go to work which is about 11 miles and even taken it on over night camp outs which have been in Kerrville Texas about 38 miles away.

    If any one is ever in the hill country and would like to meet up let me know.

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    Welcome from Dallas! I like travelling to kerrville and ingram over the summer
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    My bicycle

    If I uploaded this right you should see my ride, I am thinking of doing one more but want to get with some one that can weld.

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    Almost every weekend there are the motorcycle groups from all over here in large numbers, Then there are the bicycle groups that go from Bandera to SA every so often that meet up here in Bandera. Next time your in the area let me know it would be great to go over notes on the bicycles.
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    Welcome to the forum. You have a sharp motorbike.
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    Good way to stay cool in the Texas heat.