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    I learned of this forum from a member on a welding forum I post on. I've been reviewing the posts here and have quite surprised by the interest and information on putting engines on bicycles. My current project, not yet 100% completed is a Schwinn Stingray and Tecumseh power. I am semi retired and have always had a great interest in building things, fist mostly from wood and then more items from metal. I'll get some pictures posted to the picture section soon so you can see what I have done. It's not quite like most of the pictures shown on this site, but it's still all bicycle.
    Looking foward to getting acquainted with some of the members here.

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    I am a recovering welder and a full time inspector.
    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    metal fab skills can make a sick bike. welcome and share pictures.
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    Welcome to MBc.