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    This is my first build, I was trying to go for an old school look. Most of it is just mocked up in the picture with the details still needing to be done.
    The bike started out as a Schwinn Collegiate. I cut the rear triangle off and tig'd a newer 26"MTB rear triangle in place. Modified the seat post to lower and set back the seating position. I also installed a Retro rider headset to use the modern 1-1/8" MTB fork. New Velocity Cliff hanger wheels and Electra vintage diamond 26x2.35 tires top off the new parts for the bike build.
    Instead of using the typical gas tank that came with the kit, I wanted to be different and used a fire extinguisher for the gas tank. I also made the plate for the disc brake hub sprocket adapter. The only thing I'm not so sure about is the intake, I made my own from copper plate and pipe, to locate the carb past the fire extinguisher gas tank. I used 3/4" when now I think I should've used 1/2" to keep the velocity up.
    The exhaust is also going to be 3/4" with a 1/2" reducer at the very end of the pipe. This setup will be inside the 1-1/4" pipe that will eventually have a cut down 90*at the end.
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    Very cool!
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    Off the hook. You have mad skills and quite an eye for detail.
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    That's an interesting looking bike.

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    Thank you for the compliments guys! I'm hoping to be able to get this going before the snow flies, but by no means am I going to rush through it just to get it done.
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