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    Hello from Arizona,
    My name is Exarach, I have just stumbled upon this forum over the last few days, and have been lurking..... which I probably will continue to do for some time.
    No motors just yet, as I am completely new to this whole affair, however, I plan to create my first build over this coming spring break. I have a good knowledge of basic to moderate electronics, but I know virtually nothing about brands and quality/reliability of powered bicycles. I seem to have barely scratched the surface of such information on this forum, and will continue to search around. Any help in PM's or replies would be greatly appreciated.
    Anyone at the University of Arizona... Holler :)

    Until we text again!
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    Welcome to the forum. Just keep reading, and you will find any information you need. Enjoy. :grin5:
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    You are in a state that is one of the best for motoredbikes too. have fun!