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    Hey, folks. I live here in the mile-high city and I'm hoping someone out there might be willing to give me a hand with my prospective rig.

    Basically, here's the thing: I need a commuter. I go two places a lot; one is about ten miles away and the other is about 15. So for it to be worth it, I really need my bike to hit 40+ without me running it into the ground.

    I've been chatting with a great guy from this forum (Steve - DetonatorTuningSolutons) and he recommends maybe putting a gp460 on a Staton rack. I think this sounds fine but I know jack about mechanics and I have only the most basic tools. So I'm wondering if anyone in this area might be willing to help me out - just be there to call with questions and if I need something done with a tool I don't have.

    I'm totally willing to pay for your time or whatever...I just really need some guidance and I can't always be bugging Steve.

    Anyway, please let me know if you live in the area and are in a generous mood. I will be eternally grateful for whatever help I can get.


  2. I live in Northglenn but I'll give it to you straight. Consistent 40 mph although possible on a bicycle with pedaling is a whole different animal when an engine will give you that speed. A more realistic top speed is 20. It's a bicycle. No engine in the world will change this fact.
    Duane's south of you. He's the guy. I got one of his Titans and I don't like to give it more than 20 mph and I stay safe by keeping it on the bike trails. And with summer here if you want to survive the trails,anything more than 20 mph is asking for trouble.
    As far as help,I'm pretty much stuck at home. But if you really need consistent 40 mph,you may need to dig deeper in your pocket and get a modified whizzer or a scooter.
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  3. Commuting

    Gp 460 is a great stroker motor. You want a commuter, buy a Robin35 or a
    Mit43 Statons box makes them both work -- same kit even. 40 is a pretty TALL call though. Remember IT'S JUST a Bicycle. I'm a quacking maniac too. Large has a VERY good point around 30 top is Goood.!.!!
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    I am in agreement with the big guy above. You are exoecting a lot out of a bike motor & even MORE out of a bike. A scooter would be a better choice for you.
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    any bike in the $200. - $300. range will have basic components of good enough quality for the peddling you might do.

    Statons dual freewheel hub is light motorcycle quality, a shimano XL or XT front hub is just as high quality.

    you will want better than average rims and tires.

    i have found that the new V-brakes are capable of being adjusted to stop from 50mph with out any scares or snares.

    the gp460 WILL go 40mph on the Staton drive at about 9600rpm, just BARELY over 1/2 throttle.

    there are people here with agendas of their own they'd like to impose on your motored bike experience, then there is myself, kawasaki999, kerf and maybe 1 -2 others who HAVE this setup under Staton or GEBE drive and who will NEVER accept being told it can't, won't and shouldn't work or be done.

    man, that was harder than building the bike. :-/

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    Fair enough, Steve.

    My question is - why a bicycle? As described, his situation and needs cries out for a small motorcycle, and on a motorcycle, those speeds would be legal and prudent, and won't likely generate adverse attention from cops. Try buzzing across town at 40 mph on a motorized bike without license plate, full suite of lights, etcetara, and it won't be long before you meet the MAN.

    Frrankly, it won't cost him any more to go to a motorcycle, except license/registration/insurance. The kind of mileage he'll get at those speeds from a motorized bike is essentially the same (if not worse) than he'd get on a motorcycle. Tckets and bike impoundment cost a LOT more than tax/title/license/insurance.
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    you make valid points too, and what wasn't said is that he may consider a goped riot, has the same engine, chain drive and will do 60mph with the right gearing.

    toward the mileage subject, i'm getting 150mpg out of mine and it's not fully loosened up yet.

    the main subject of DarkSide's intro was "can someone help me " ? and out of respect for that i'm leaving the thread to those who might do just that.