Hey guys! New kid in Colorado Springs

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    Hey everyone! I've been perusing the forum for a couple weeks now and broke down and had to get a kit! Threw it in last Friday and have been tinkering with different things and am absolutely hooked! I'm so glad I got it and am so excited to have a motor to play around with again, especially a 2-stroke. I picked up a vintage Huffy Santa Fe from a local thrift store for $30 earlier last week and really like how it looks, especially with the motor in it. I'll be building a custom tank for it that is about a gallon or so, as well as a custom seat pan and seat to give it a real cafe racer look to it. I'll also be ordering some M bars for it since the drop downs are terribly counter-intuitive when it comes to throttle, brake, and clutch use. Lot's of other things in the back of my mind for it, just need the funds!


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    Don't know how new you are to this. Always pay attention while riding. Often other drivers think you are just on a bicycle and will pull out in front of you. They don't realize how fast you're going.
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    Welcome to the forum. I used to travel to the Springs a lot during my last job. I even did the Thursday Night Run downtown a few times.
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    If you ever want to ride, just holler! I prefer trails but don't mind road trips.