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  1. elguapov

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    I was referred to this site by a Rick who bought a Robin EH035 from me. I have some more to get rid of and thought this was the place to post them.

  2. SimpleSimon

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    How many, condition, etc?

    You'll get some interest if the price is fair.
  3. elguapov

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    Robin Eh035 engines

    I have between 7-10 of these. they are about two years old but never been run. I attached some pics to this post. asking $150 each

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  4. az cra-z

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    Heck of a deal. Wish I had some money! The age of them shouldn't be any problem, the one that came with my Staton kit was manufactured a year or two before I got it and it works great.
  5. Pablo

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    I would like to buy one, but want to hear from "a Rick" first. Is he on this site?
  6. Greetings from Milwaukie, OR
  7. Happy Valley

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    Then, they would be with the chrome lined cylinder, correct.
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  8. Pablo

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    Are these the problematic chrome plated cylinders, or not?
  9. elguapov

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    chrome lined

    I dont know a whole lot about the specs of the engines. I could give you serial and model #'s for you to do some research if that works.
  10. Pablo

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    Sure that would help. Thanks.
  11. Pablo

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    Right on. He sent me a shipper #. Thanks!
  12. flyboy

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    Hi, this is Rick who bought a Robin EH035

    Hi, this is Rick who bought a Robin EH035 from elguapov great little engine and price was great. Have any question feel free to ask. Here is a link to subaru to get more info about engine.I was running a 52 cc china made engine it was little to noisy so I installed this subaru 4 stroke very quiet little engine little less power.