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    Hi I'm Russ from Augusta GA. Just checking out everyone's bikes. here is mine. I made my own tank by cutting up a 650 Yamaha tank and reshaping about 35% of the metal for the outside, then forming my own tunnel and base, cutting the cap assembly out of the tank that came with the motor and welding it all together. I made a motor mount to offset the engine so the chain would clear the back tire. I had to remove the rear disc brake, so I made the cantilever brake mounts on the back. I added the rear disc on to the front to make dual discs. the exhaust extension is a chrome clothes rack and pieces of the "sissy bar" I removed from the seat, all cut to fit and welded together. I made my own chain adjuster with a steel wheel that has bearings. I have wrapped the seat in black leather since the pics

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  2. GearNut

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    Welcome to this place! You built an awesome bike!
    Excellent job on your gas tank, very impressive, as is the whole bike.
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    Wow Russ terrific job and real creative! Welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Dude That Bike is the BOMB !!!!
    It's a work of art !!!
    It should be in a meusem
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    Unique and loud. Just what I would expect from the home of the late James Brown.
    That is the best job I've seen of adapting rear cantilever brakes.