How do I find a Bike Builder?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by HybriPed, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. HybriPed

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    Guys - I've got a problem :banghead:

    I want to tell the world about the HybriPed Sprocket through my publicity and YouTube videos. The problem is, where do I send them if they want one?

    I think that there is a real need for a 'Locate a Bike Builder' service. This is because many people are not interested in setting up and maintaining MABs yet they'd be very happy to have one, especially these days as recession doom and gloom spreads around the world.

    For each builder listed in a 'Locate a Bike Builder' service, all that is needed is:
    Name, contact, locality details (Country, State, City, Locality etc) and personal promotional info. The only bit missing from MBC member public profiles is structured locality information.

    It is feasible to add a Locate a Bike Builder page to the MBC forum where customers could look for builders in their locality. I could set it up on my website but that would duplicate what is already here at MBC. I'd rather say to my visitors - "Go to MBC to find a Bike Builder"

    In this age of belt-tightening, I think that the potential market for bike building and maintence is huge. Bike building and maintenance could be a great little money-spinner :yes: for thousands of MAB enthusiasts.

    What do you think?
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  3. JoelC707

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    I'm game to be on that list, but as an individual not my company. I think it's a great idea. Most of the vendors on here only sell the motors, not complete bikes. Even I was going to just sell the motors but many people have asked me if I build them (or rather if I will install it for them) that I decided to start doing that.
  4. Mountainman

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    not a bad idea

    wondering about quality control ??
    liability issues ??

    not wishing to bring you down here
    just a ((couple of THINGS)) that do come up in the business world

    ride that custom frame THING
  5. augidog

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    indeed..."support your local vendor"'s good for everyone all 'round...and eventually it could kick-start the economy at the local level, where it counts most.

    accountability being an ever-existant issue, maybe a local-vendors section...someplace public where the customer can speak up, if need be.
  6. 350zdrftr

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    I would love to build some bikes for people and customize them for their needs
  7. lordoflightaz

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    I would say build a social group here - > , but it looks like google does not pick group names in a search, might be fixable by adding to sitemap.xml. A post with "Motor Bike Builder" and other related terms that references a group called "Bike Builders" would end up on the search engines.

    This would be the least amount of effort. Someone wanting to let it be know that they build bikes could opt in to the group and post a message about where they are and what they do.

    I suppose someone could write code for a SQL database and link it in to this site.
  8. DetonatorTuning

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    i'd build for hire, anytime.

    i even have several real good build ideas i just can't afford to do for myself right now. LOL

  9. HybriPed

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    Very important stuff

    It is one thing to build bikes for mates, but it is another thing to build bikes for profit - public liability, standards, indemnity etc.

    Maybe we could kick of a forum for commercial bike builders like the vendor forum. That would be a good way to draw together those issues that builders are already dealing with.

    Of course, there are already a few operators in the field, which can only expand like crazy in the hard times that have decended. Even those companies that are selling completed bicycles would sell more if bike maintenance was readily available at a local level.
  10. lordoflightaz

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    Not that I can't build a bike for someone else, but I wouldn't go out of my way. I might build one cause we have the parts. That is what I am doing at the moment.

    Yesterday, a guy comes up to me in my garage and asks if I could build one or sell him one. I remeber meeting him one night a month ago. He was riding a bike that he had built, it was a some Schwinn, Del Mar, Point Beach with a Zone 8 motor. It was dark. Some evil bastid stole his bike from Walmart last week.

    I don't think a separate forum area would be needed. That's sort of why I said the social group thing. Just a casual affiliation that indicates a willingness to do it or be willing to assist the "challenged"
  11. SimpleSimon

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    I'm gonna make an offer. I'll set up a domain and a basic webpage, free registration, for anyone who wants it known that they will build bikes. Sort of a registry - perhaps a link to this forum, maybe others. Basically, it would let folks say what they can/will build, where they are located, how they can be contacted, maybe post a pic or two. Done correctly, any visitor could just run a basic search for location and find out who is closest.

    Is there any interest in such?
  12. Youngbird

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    Sure there is.
  13. azbill

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    good idea !!! :cool2:
  14. HybriPed

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    Nice of you to offer but think it out.

    98% of everything required is already here. The only bits that need to be added to the member information fields are:
    Structured locality fields - Country, City, Locality;
    Telephone contact field; and
    A searchable field that identifies whether a member is looking for business as a builder.

    I had a little fiddle with the advanced search facility on the member list and it is quite do-able.

    But as Mountainman correctly points out, there are other issues in the business world that need to be dealt with. Therefore it might be a good idea to start an area of the forum dedicated to commercial bike building.
  15. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Good points, HP. I agree with your basic point, but a significant number of the users here are at most casual users of computers, not terribly familiar with doing forum searches in an efficient way, and can have difficulty finding what they want to know.

    I'm not proposing a new forum in any way. nor do I necessarily agree that just adding yet another subforum here is necessary or terribly useful. Frankly, the number of persons interested in actually building bikes for others doesn't seem terribly large, just based on this forums posts and those on other biking forums.

    What I have in mind is more of a reference page where builders can give a summary of their interests/expertise, maybe a couple pics of their work, and make it as straight forward as possible for the casual user to enter their location (perhaps by zip/postal code) and find out what builders are fairly close to them.

    If that idea appeals, then I'd suggest that a simple clickable button in the vendors area is all this forum would then need, that opens the reference site. In all honesty, the forum is already very "busy" in terms of the number and specificity of the subfora. I'm not sure a new additional subforum is warranted.

    Mostly, since I'm in the apartment pretty much 24/7, my health issues are escalating, and I'm not able to provide custon design/fabrication services as a builder myself, I see this as an idea of a way to contribute to a community that I derive great pleasure and mental stimulation from.

    So, if there's significant interest, I'd be glad to follow through on my offer.
  16. HybriDude

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    Gday SimpleSimon. Comments in red

    BTW. I've changed my name - was HybriPed.
  17. BoltsMissing

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    yeah it has a slight edge on the concept, a listing of those who want to be on as MB-builder or MB-builder's services.

    Many builders CAN build, but are limited in some areas of fabrications, milling, lathe work etc. So a listing of engineering places that are motoredbike friendly.

    For example, on some bikes the rear seat down tube is larger than the kit's C-Mount and may require milling to increase inside diameter.
    Or a spot of welding, minor things that require expensive lathes etc.
    Then a listing of places that understand what building a MB is cos they built one or more themselves or are interested anyway.
    Sort of a network, therefore if one goes to get a specific weld, mill, lathe, fabricate etc etc, one then does not have to hunt around and explain 100 times that it is a MB, it does 100mpg, it is made in China, yes/no/maybe and then if ya lucky ya might get to the point of what ya want doine, only to be over priced, cant be done, why don't ya do it this ways and all the rest of it.
    I found a place where I can get my small jobs done, there is more required.
    What's in it for them ? , "bread and butter" work.
  18. HybriDude

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    Yep. That's it Bolts. I see it as a "bread & butter" thing too

    And don't underestimate the potential for service work. I can't imagine the chick on the EziRide advert taking too kindly to getting her fingers greasy. I hope noone is offended by this comment, but MBs are mainly a bloke thing and 1/2 the population is naturally precluded from participating.
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  19. BoltsMissing

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    Wrong, look at history, the motor car was blokey thing tilll they got it almost right, then the ladies wanted one to. Then the inventions commenced, starter motors, auto-trasmissions, radios, cig lighters, power windows, windscreen wipers, convertables, crusie control GPS, kerbside reverse tracking beepers
    So don't under estimate them, they may want remote controlled telescopic trainer wheels with memory sonar height detection, and all this to run off the white wire !
  20. HybriDude

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    That's my point exactly, Bolts.

    The ladies would love to have one, but they don't want to get their fingers greasy. And its not only the ladies, but most blokes as well. My brother was a banker and the sort of guy who would could not tell one end of a screwdriver from the other.

    That's why there is an industry in roadside service, routine service etc etc. The core problem with MABs are that they are a bit messy.

    A lot of people I speak to want an e-bike and they don't care that it costs a squillion and they don't know that it won't do what they want it to do. Environmental footprint is similar - one runs on coal, the other runs on gas. The e-bike is 'clean'. That's all.