I have two questions (break-in, clutch)



1. What is the worst thing that can happen if you go full speed on a new engine on the first tank? What would happen to the engine? Can you fix the problem? (WOULD IT RELATE WITH THE PROBLEM I LISTED AROUND A WEEK A GO CALLED, "Is the engine bad, it will not stay running? PLEASE HELP ME!" It would be under Technical Help.)

2. Is the transmission clutch normally hard to squeeze?


Ooohh...the dangerous "but is it really that bad?" question.

The worst that can happen is that you may make your grandmother cry. And that certainly can't be fixed......Don't be tempted.

The lever was pretty tough on the one Daxkit I've experienced, the cable will stretch and the housing compress, so make sure to tighten it up a bit after use and it'll feel better after a while.

Seriously, we all want to go fast and breaking it in gently will help that alot. I had self-disipline problems (and a speed demon co-worker/co-builder) that made it very difficult to keep that break in proper. I gave in and it was full throttle after 50-60 miles of under 20. We said, "the hell with it. We'll just buy another one and break that one in right and treat this one as a beater experiment"
But it is just a fun bike for us that neither of us rely on, if you plan on a daily, reliable rider: BREAK IT IN PROPERLY.

I cry everynight with grief that I treated my engine so poorly.....and I can never fix that problem.

Someone else may post a more balanced (and technical) reply:



Sherry. Make sure you Saturate the clutch cable housing "sheath" with WD-40 until it runs out the other end. Then put the cable back into the sheath and install. Then it will be slick and work much eaiser for sure. Thanks..Enjoy the ride.....


If you run full throttle once engine is warmed up on a NEW engine, here is what will happen:

1. Your engine will last longer, will run better, and develop more POWER than an engine that was gently broken in provided you do it in short burts and allow engine to cooldown before repeating. This applies to ALL engines!

The secret to engine break in is cycling the engine with varying loads. '


I have owned 26 cars and 6 motorcycles in my life and each one has gone over 200k miles, with no oil burning, and engine compression well in the upper limit of normal range per factory service manual.

In fact, I have yet to wear out an engine-oldest engine I have is a 8HP 4 stroke John Deere engine that is 26 years old that runs like new and burns no oil. I feel that a proper break in and obvious routine maintenance are very important.


If I have ever went so fast that I have screwed my engine. Will the engine's quality go down very fast or slowly? Could I fix the problem by doing anything? Also I would like to know what you are doing when you break in the engine.

(To give you an idea of where I am I have ridden my bike normal for the first tank. After that I have caught my self and other people on my bike going full throttle, Around 35 and up. Of course though, it was only as long as the distance of my street keeping going that fast, for the furthest. And also going around 20-30 miles for average speed.)


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Nov 4, 2006
sounds like it's running fine. I doubt you've hurt anything.