I'm Don, the new Dork From across the street



Welcome to the group! Wow that a pretty awesome set up, somewhat intimidating.

Donny G

Thanks for the welcome wagon Guys

I need to make some belt guards and a flywheel cover, and rig up the lighting
the moped throttle already has a microswitch, and I'll be picking up a 12v4ah SLA battery

I already got the license plate, looks like I may need insurance too
I don't even wanna get hasled by the Man, but it's a given with
the recent surge of motorbikes around here

I got Hurt pretty bad on my maiden voyage, my ebay "monarch" style fork failed after three miles, and bent up like a wet noodle

(inertia took over) THE ENDO nearly killed me, my medical bills are staggering

pretty much loss the use of my left hand and fingers IMO anyone running the above mentioned excuse for a fork best re-think that idea


i'd love to see a "review" in the "bicycles, engines, motors, blah blah" forum about that...it seems to be a dangerous venture to subject some bicyle parts to sustained speed, and i like people to know what they're getting into. i'm glad to hear you are mending, and i'm thrilled to hear you're gettin' back on that horse!! :)

welcome to the MBc :cool: