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    I am a newbie to motored biking, 60, out of Lilburn, GA (a suburb of Atlanta). I don't have an motorized bike yet and will be looking for suggestions on bike, engine etc. Looks like this is the right place to come.

    Will be looking for a sturdy bike frame, with an engine that can be serviced in USA and Europe and other places. (I hope to travel, at a slow pace but with the wind in my face and with low expenses.)

    So from my initial review of some of the websites, I was thinking about a Worksman bike with a Honda motor. But then I have seen some threads indicating that a Worksman will need modifications for a four stroke, which is my preference. And have heard that the Hondas are too bulky for a bike.

    And finally, I could use recommendations of what topic area(s) on this website I should post my questions relating to the above.

    Looking forward to learning a lot from this site. Glad it's here.

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    Welcome to the forum. A Worksman with a Honda motor would be considered ideal by many. Space for a motor in the frame of a Worksman can be tight. You may post want to post further questions in general discussion or four stroke subforums.