Is there really a difference in HT's?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Chris Crew, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Chris Crew

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    I have the 49cc stealth black from zoombicycles.

    I have seen what appear to be identical motors on Kings, Gasbike, Bikemotorkits and a number of other websites. Prices vary a little bit; some of them have a sticker on one side of the engine with a Skyhawk logo, but when you look at the photos of what comes in the boxed kit, they about as identical as a box of baby gerbils.

    Knowing what I do about China and her industries since the revolution, I would suspect that there are dozens of mom-n-pop backyard factories pouring out bike motors to a sort of standard spec, but given the nature of the system, varying in tolerance and finish from back yard to back yard and from production run to production run.

    When zoom, for example, gets in an order are they always getting it from the same manufacturer? Does Grubee always come from the same place? With the centralized economy of China, I would kind of doubt it.

    If I am correct in my assumptions, what you are going to get is always a **** shoot, so cost, delivery speed and quality of customer service would tend to be the only factors one could select for.

    Since something went PING on the way to work this morning and the rear wheel now locks up when the clutch is released, I'm going to do my first open heart surgery tonight and I suspect I may be ordering some bearings or a woodruff key or something if I don't find a match at my local ACE. Do any of you more experienced folks think any of the suppliers have generally better quality goods?

    Also, I want to help my son build a bike to take off to college in a couple of weeks, and since he's not the most mechanically minded kid on the block, I want to do what I can to keep him rolling. If forty bucks buys higher quality, I'll take it, if not, the thrifty guy (cheap b@st@rd, my wife says) in me is gonna prevail again.

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    IMHO if it was MY son and he is not a wrench build him a Honda in frame and jack shaft set up and he has a no hassle bike. OR build him an an E/bike folding unit that he can take into his res. and that should do the trick. No gas, No hassle...No wrenchen...POPS
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    The Grubee Skyhawks and StarFire engines are a "cut above" the others, but you'll pay more. (pssssst - buy your kid the Grubee)

    All of the others (Powerking, BGF, etc.) come from different manufacturers, but the quality is about the same IMO.

    One of my tricks for a reliable HT installation is to weld engine mounting points to the frame. Totally eliminates broken studs and engine "drifting" in the mounts.

    Add some other HT enhancements like sealing the magneto compartment, teflon tape around the carb intake tube, loctite on the head studs and nuts, etc. - and you have something that can be ridden reliably.

    My current "long term" test engine is a 50cc slant head with cast iron cylinder sleeve and flange mount NT carburetor. It is like the Grubee Gen II, but not quite a Grubee. So far, it has proven to be a reliable runner but the StarFire Gen II has better mounting hardware and a superior installation kit.
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    yes there is a difference .

    I also got a zoom cycle motor and I have took it apart and found out that the main bolts that hold the engine together were are larger and of a higher quality than the ones I originally got from Ebay. In fact all of the parts I got from the cheep-o kit I have replaced except for the gas tank.

    zoom seems to me does a good job. and I could get back to them on the phone.

    looks like you lucked out.

    Mike -Frye A.K.A. Frye Bikes
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    have not seen or truly heard of any ((great differences)) between most all HT kits
    maybe one day coming -- one will really be out front ??
    it's a nice wish..