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    Hi everyone.... I am new to all this and am hoping someone can answer a question for me. I live in New Hampshire and I'm just wondering if I am allowed to drive on roads that exceed my Zuma's top speed? I have a 04 Yamaha Zuma, 50cc and my top speed is about 40 on level terrain and I go down to about 30 going up hills. I want to be able to travel a little farther, through 50mph roads, but I don't know the laws of NH so I've stayed on 35-40mph roads. Can anyone help? Thanks and I look forward to your replies! :grin5:

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    Hi Zuma, where I live, restricted roads (NYS thruway) are posted as such.

    My 2 cents- I quit motorcycling 40 years ago because of safety issues.
    There were too many idiots then, and now there are a lot more.

    I do a tad more than pedal speed and am on the side of the road - like a bike- unless I absolutely know my back side is clear for a long ways.

    If you can't maintain five mph over the speed limit ON ANY road you are on- you are a sitting duck to get hit. You also need to accelerate as fast as the car behind you if you are in a traffic lane.
    A 250cc or greater motorcycle is needed to stay ahead of them.
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    A strong 50cc scooter, like a Zuma 50 2t can be good for 50mph with some deristricting. An aftermarket expansion chamber exhaust will help even more if you can spend that kind of money. Here is an article on derestricting an Aprilia SR 50, which is similar to the 2T Zuma.
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