Just some pictures about the motorbiking tours in Vietnam

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  1. riderman

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    Dear all biker,

    Here just some pictures about touring by motorbike in Vietnam just my Friend Pierre and I did last month!

    IMG_20140414_084258.jpg IMG_20140416_150929.jpg IMG_20140417_102822.jpg IMG_20140422_130127.jpg

    If anyone would like to ride in Vietnam, feel free to ask me!

  2. bmg50cal

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    I don't see any pedals!
  3. wheelbender6

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    Cool. Hanoi is said to be the "Scooter Capital" of the world.
  4. Fabian

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    I really want to do a motorcycle tour in Vietnam. Actually, last year i had my visa stamped for 1 month, and was due to catch up with a friend in Vietnam for about 10 days; riding around the North of the country (Saigon area), but unfortunately Air Asia didn't have any direct flights from Phuket to Saigon (which you think that they would), so i would have lost 2 days in airports as 3 separate flights would be needed to make the trip - Phuket to Bangkok + 10 hour layover - Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City + 8 hour layover - Ho Chi Minh city to Saigon.

    Initially i looked at the idea of doing a Vietnam tour with the same group that were used for the Top Gear "Vietnam Special", which are known by the name of Explore Indochina but my friend was dead against it, because he wanted to do his own thing. As it turned out, doing Vietnam on his own turned out to be a total nightmare in the more remote parts of Northern Vietnam.

    He regretted his decision not to do a supported tour; having a tour mechanic and people organising places to stay that weren't infested with bed bugs etc.