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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Novascotian, May 15, 2015.

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    Hello I have a norco storm 6.2 and I am thinking of buying one of the "80cc"(actually 66cc) motor kits. I own many motors and am not new to mechanics but I still have some questions I was wondering how long on average would the 80cc engine last I can rebuild it myself but I dont want to have a bike blowing up all the time. and lastly do I need a shifter kit or a clutch to shift or can I just shift like a normal bike.

    any feedback is appreciated

    thanks guys

  2. HarryJames

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    80 cc bikes average millage is 150 MPG i recommended if you want to buy the bike you go to eby .
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  3. crassius

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    for the first build, I suggest buying the kit and using it with no extra stuff - kits aren't all that hard to build, but adding/changing components is more for the experienced builder

    with engine not running, bike will function as it always did (except for extra weight & a bit of chain drag) - with engine running, you won't need to shift

    taken care of, the engine can last for years of use
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